‘Neighbours nibbled sushi off my naked body – but now I’ve been blanked’

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I used to love swinging with our old neighbours.

He was as sexy as she was filthy. We’d take it in turns to have sex parties in our houses.

We’d dress up and find the most outrageous sex toys and provide rude food.

If we weren’t squirting cream or smearing chocolate sauce, we were using blindfolds and feeding each other strawberries.

One time my husband covered my naked body in sushi and creamy dips and I became a
human buffet. My husband and neighbours ate off me. It was a sensuous, tickly mess and I loved being the centre of attention.

But now they’ve moved to a seaside resort and don’t want to know us any more. I presume they’ve made new friends and found new lovers to play with.

They first started talking about moving away in February 2020. We kept pleading with them not to go but, eventually, in August 2021 they sold their house three doors down from us.

Her last words to me were: “It’s been a blast”. My husband and I thought about it and decided to sell our house and join them.

Now we’re in our beachside bungalow, only our old mates aren’t returning our calls or accepting our invitations to swing. I’ve seen her cycling around town and she acts as if she hardly knows me.

In fact, the other day she gave me a really dirty look. We used to be so close, and I don’t know what we’ve done wrong.

My husband thinks we should find someone new to play with, but I was only interested in them.

I look back to those golden days in our old house and feel that my best times are behind me. I feel ridiculous and displaced. How can they be so cold?

JANE SAYS: No-one would blame you for feeling disappointed. But it could be that things were too intense in your old neighbourhood.

You and your husband clearly enjoyed hanging out with your pals, but maybe the sex parties and fruity games became too much for them.

Perhaps they craved a simpler life?

I’m not saying they moved away because of you, but they have clearly made a fresh start.

The truth is that you can live anywhere you like. If they don’t like that you’re now settled in their new neighbourhood, that’s just too bad. Wise up to the fact that this is an exciting new time for you too. Your best days are by no means behind you – they’re just beginning!

Tell your husband that you’re not prepared to rush into anything because you’re still getting your bearings.

Forget finding new partners to swing with because you may decide that you wish to live a different kind of future.

Never forget that you have each other, your health and a great place to live. Just imagine how lovely the sunny days are going to be.

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