Optical illusion promises to reveal hidden aspects of your personality

Optical illusion promises to reveal hidden aspects of your personality

  • The optical illusion can reveal if you are wild at heart or lost in your identity
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This optical illusion is said to uncover things that even you did not realise about yourself.

The popular personality test is reportedly able to tell you a great deal, from deeply hidden aspects of your personality to your own IQ.

The colourful image shows a range of flowers and plants in an arrangement that mirrors various different shapes including, animals, plants and more – depending on the viewer.

The object you decipher first from the overall picture says a myriad of things about your personality.

Among them, is whether you are in the constant pursuit of knowledge or if you are a self-sufficient soul.

Take a peek at the following picture and see what you see first…

The colourful, nature-filled optical illusion is said to reveal all the deep-hidden parts of yourself. Whether you are constantly seeking wanderlust or struggling with your own sense of self

If you saw a face first then we have some unfortunate news for you. Spotting the face means you have issues with asserting your own identity.

As such, you construct an identity for the rest of the world and build an illusion of a person who isn’t really you.

You attempt to be the jack of all trades in order to pad out a character, using different aspects of your life to achieve public awareness. 

You may use your surroundings such as your familial and romantic relationships, as well as materialistic items such as your social media following to pull a character together for the outside world.

Other things you may use to do this may be your past experiences, memories and successes, according to the India Times.

If you are eyes immediately drawn to the shape of a brain or a tree then you curious mind is always on the pursuit for growth.

You are an inquisitive soul who loves to learn about new ideas and places. 

You may even be a psychology-fanatic, or love philosophy. It’s likely your interest could also be piqued by the inner workings of the human mind, the website writes.

You aren’t simply like everybody else. You are constantly churning and mulling over all the information in the world around you.

Sometimes nature may even give you subtle signs of the ‘greater picture’, according to the publication.

At times this overload of information may cause you to become slightly lethargic and even fatigued.

Didn’t see a bird or a tree – not even a face? Then don’t fret. In this case it is probable you say you saw a free gliding bird instead.

If  the answer is yes then a bird perfectly highlights your free-spirited nature.

Reportedly, you hate to be controlled or tamed aren’t bound by the standards set by the society around you.

You focus on the wonder and glory that is mother nature rather than the hum-drum nature of everyday life.

Unlike those who saw a face, you are well in tune with yourself and don’t need to establish your own identity – all you desire from your life is freedom. 

You are likely not a big fan of dreary routines day-in and day-out and are better suited to a boundless nomadic lifestyle, according the publication.

You best succeed when you are at one with mother nature, climbing mountains, hiking forests and lounging in oceans.

Although your heart yearns for fulfilling its long established wanderlust with some globe-trotting, 

However it isn’t all praise for those who see the bird, as the India Times also recommends you try and better balance your desire to see the world with nourishing your relationships with friends and family.

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