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PEOPLE'S minds have been blown after realising a key feature on all UK coins.

Shocked Brits have taken to social media to share their discovery that if you put a 10p, 2p, 1p, 5p, 20p and 50p together it creates a shield.

That's right, if you flip each of the coins so they're tails-side up and arrange them in a specific formation they create a shield.

Not only that, but the shield is the same one featured on the old pound coins.

If you had never noticed this then don't worry because it turns out not many people were aware of it.

One TikTok user shared a photo carousel to the app saying that she felt "stupid" for only just realising with the caption "I'm shocked".



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She also shared an image of the coins all arranged to show the shield formation.

The video has garnered over 2.9million views and 6,630 comments from gobsmacked viewers.

One commented: "THEY MAKE A SHIELD?!?!?……… MY WHOLE LIFE IS A LIE……."

While another said: "I didn’t even know that until I watched this video WHAT!!!!!"

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A third wrote: "HOW HAVE I NOT KNOWN."


And a fifth said: "I'm feeling a little bit silly now. How did I not know this."

One even had to try it for themselves: "I literally just went in my draw and put them all together to see, I feel like I was solving a puzzle to find treasure."

Some eagle-eyed TikTokers were fully aware of the key feature on their change though.

And some were even surprised so many people hadn't made the connection.

One said: "So you’re telling me people didn’t know this?

"I’ve known this since they came out."

Another commented: "Proud to say I’ve known this since I was three."

A third wrote: "Omg I remember making that shield as a kid."

While a fourth said: "I thought I was a genius in year one when I figured this out."

The shield feature hasn't always been part of the British coins designs, but it has been a while.

They first came out back in 2008 after The Royal Mint held a competition to give the coins a new look.

All UK coins from the 1p to the 50p were redesigned to represent a different section of the winner’s Royal Shield of Arms design.

The Royal Coat of Arms details a shield divided into four quarters representing England, Scotland and Ireland.

The emblem could only be used by the monarch and can be seen on official documents like the British passport.

Each coin sports a different segment of the design so that when they're all placed together they create the shield.

The £1 coin also got a new look sporting the same design on one face.

Although that design has since been replaced by the current 12-sided £1 coin.

It come just a week after The Royal Mint has revealed eight new coins featuring King Charles.

The new coin designs reflect the King's passion for conservation and the natural world.

The designs, which will feature on coins ranging from the 1p to the £2, will soon start to appear in people's change across the UK.

The new change will enter circulation in line with demand from banks and Post Offices.

The Royal Mint expects that the first coins will enter circulation by the end of 2023.

But coins featuring the late Queen, and the above Royal Shield, will continue to exist in people's change, co-circulating with the coins featuring Charles.

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Meanwhile, a 50p coin with a manufacturing error could land you a nice profit as collectors are willing to pay more than 30 times its value.

Plus, a rare 20p error coin has sold for more than 350 times its face value after igniting a week long bidding war.

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