Plants like the sound of human voice: make sure they’re OK when you head to the office

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Horticulturalists warn that plants may suffer loneliness after lockdown, starved of the sound of our voices.

After months of having owners around every day, experts fear isolation could lead to stunted development.

And they have urged people to turn over a new leaf, leaving radios on when the home is empty or purchasing pals to stem plants’ sadness.

Prince Charles was ridiculed in 1986 after revealing he talked to his plants. However, scientists have since found they grow better in response to the sound of human voices.

Angela Slater, of Hayes Garden World at Ambleside, Cumbria, suggests leaving a talk radio station on or buying extra plants of the same species for company.

She said: “Plants can sense water, light and gravity. They can even defend themselves and send signals to others to warn danger is near. They’re much more aware than people think so it’s very likely they’ll be able to sense when owners are not at home. Plants will not fare well in the silence when owners are at work.”

Experts believe it may be down to vibration, though some think humans breathing out carbon dioxide helps photosynthesis and spurs growth.

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