Prince Harry ‘angry’ & ‘regretful’ as he slams British press for ‘gossip’ – expert claims

Prince Harry says he warned Twitter CEO ahead of January 6 riots

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Wired shared a video of Prince Harry speaking to the magazine’s Editor at Large Steven Levy about the “devastating consequences” of the media publishing stories not for the sake of the truth, but for the sake of profits. The Duke of Sussex showed he was clearly passionate about the subject, especially, he said, as the issue has impacted him and his family in the past.

Harry spoke about his own negative experiences of the British press, saying: “I learned from a very early age that the incentives of publishing are not necessarily aligned with the incentives of truth.

“My experience has been more pre-social media around the UK press who sadly conflate profit with purpose and news with entertainment.

“They don’t report the news, they create it.

“They have successfully turned fact-based news into opinion-based gossip with devastating consequences for the country.”

Harry’s body language changes throughout the clip, starting off “animated”, according to expert Judi James.

She said: “Harry switches from animated body language to deflated and regretful and then angry mode here as he talks about how he flagged up to Jack Dorsey that he was allowing ‘a coup to be staged’.”

Here, Judi referred to when Harry mentioned he had emailed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey prior to the capitol riots at the start of the year to warn him that “his platform was allowing a coup to be staged”.

During the first few second of the video, Harry uses hand gestures to get his points across.

Judi noted: “Prior to a question about ‘pressing the case to leaders of these companies’ Harry sits in a commanding pose with his right arm propped and immobile while his left performs around 22 swatting, swiping and dismissive gestures as he is in verbal full flight.

“He speaks with an air of gravitas that is created by his lack of use of his usual verbal fillers.”

The body language expert continued: “The left hand becomes inactive when he is asked about the leaders of the companies though and his eyes drop down, along with his vocal tone.

“He adopts the style of speaking in a sigh of regret to suggest his knowledge, experience and downright prophesy might have prevented what happened if those leaders had listened.”

Judi claimed the Prince showed “anger” while he spoke.

She said: “When he tells us that ‘Jack and I emailed each other’ his mouth extends horizontally as he bites the word e-mail with a suggestion of anger.

“His eyes fall to his left to suggest recalled memory and at the end his tightened lips and accelerated blink rate are another hint of inner anger.”

Wired readers were quick to express their opinions on Harry’s rare video appearance.

Twitter user Scottish Lass wrote: “Could only bare to listen for a few seconds.”

User Nunya said: “Sure Harry, sure. You can get back to holding Megan’s beer now.”

Lyla commented: “Harry and Markle can’t stand people writing or talking about them. That’s all they care about. Wow, he’s certainly studied up.”

Main Eesti said: “Excellent interview! All four were very good – host and three guests. Really enjoyed to hear truth.”

Twitter user @MyDukeandI1 wrote: “Prince Harry speaks the truth!”

User @ArchieStannumb1 added: “Love this guy.”

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