Princess Charlotte’s closest royal friendship is totally ‘necessary’

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According to body language expert Judi James, Princess Charlotte is becoming an almost mini-me of mother Kate, Princess of Wales. Judi spoke to about how the royal pair are not simply mother and daughter but the best of pals too.

Princess Charlotte may be just seven years old, but her closest friend in the Royal Family is a much older royal.

Judi told “As Charlotte gets older there are some clear signs of not just mother-daughter bonding with Kate but also friendship signals, too.”

The mother-daughter bond is universally a close one, but according to the expert the strength of Kate and Charlotte’s relationship is perhaps more crucial than most.

She explained: “It’s not unusual for a mother and her daughter to describe themselves as friends or even enjoy being ‘best friends’ but where Kate and Charlotte are concerned that specific bond might be more necessary than it is for others.”

She suggested that Kate and Charlotte’s relationship also mirrors a key mother-daughter dynamic in the Royal Family.

“Being a top-tier royal can be an isolating experience and we all saw how much the late Queen always cherished the unique equality of her mother-daughter bond with Princess Anne.”

With Charlotte being such a young child, she and Kate obviously have more of a mother-daughter than that of bosom buddies.

However Judi suggested that this might change as the young Princess gets older and becomes more of a support and confidante to her mum.

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Judi continued: “Kate is clearly acting as mentor and support for her daughter when it comes to royal events, and as Charlotte’s signs of mirroring her mother increase in terms of her body language and even styling, there are hints that Charlotte will become a source of companionship and support for Kate in the Firm, too.”

The expert suggested that Charlotte often acts as a second pair of eyes for Kate when out and about with George and Louis.

She said: “The support at the moment is clearly mainly from Kate but already Charlotte seems to be helping when it comes to keeping her two brothers in check.

“Charlotte seems to mirror her mother’s signals of calm confidence when they appear together in public and she will also happily be there to nudge George and Louis when it comes to remembering the protocols.”

But Judi did observe one recent event where Charlotte and Kate appeared to mutually enjoy each other’s company as friends.

She said: “It was the Jubilee when we first saw more companionship signals from Kate and Charlotte though.

“Sitting side by side they seemed to chat together and enjoy the event mutually.”

During the Platinum Pageant over the late Queen’s Jubilee weekend, Charlotte and Kate were spotted leaning across little Louis to have what appears to be more of a grown-up conversation.

“There were no signs from Kate that she needed to keep an eye on her young daughter but the couple seemed to enjoy the event equally and probably more because they were there together.”

The mum and daughter duo were also spotted enjoying the swimming competition at The Commonwealth Games together in August.

Judi previously spoke to about Princess Charlotte’s relationship to auntie Beatrice.

According to the expert, the little Princess has a “special affection for Beatrice and visa versa”.

She said: “The pose where little Princess Charlotte gazed up at her ‘auntie Beatrice’ at Eugenie’s wedding showed Beatrice could well be Charlotte’s favourite royal friend.”

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