Royal fans swoon as Prince William goes rowing with Royal Navy

‘His title should be Prince of Hotness!’ Royal fans swoon as Prince William goes rowing with Royal Navy in new Mental Health Awareness video

  • Prince William, 40, went rowing with the team to discuss mental health 
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Royal fans have been left swooning over a new video of Prince William rowing with the Royal Navy.

The six-minute clip – which was uploaded on the Prince and Princess of Wales’ YouTube account today – opens with the royal arriving at Dorney Lake in Windsor to meet members of the HMS Oardacious.

The campaign was founded in 2019 to provide mental health support to those working in submarines. 

The father-of-three, 40, met with Lieutenant Commander Hugo Mitchell-Heggs and his team who are crossing the Atlantic in their new eco-friendly boat this December. 

After being introduced to the group, Prince William happily got stuck into some rowing – but joked he may accidentally ‘slap oars’ with one of the professionals.

Royal fans have swooned over Prince William’s good looks after the Prince of Wales, 40, appeared in a video released on Instagram by Kensington Palace to mark Mental Health Awareness Week 

For the engagement, William dressed in a blue Royal Navy hoodie, black shorts and donned a pair of sunglasses.

Once they’d completed a few laps of the lake, the group then returned to Eton College’s Rowing Club where they discussed their coping methods at work.

Although the crew’s mental health was the topic of conversation, the Prince and Princess of Wales’ Instagram followers were distracted by William’s good looks.

The clip of William rowing has already amassed over 43,880 ‘likes’ on Instagram and countless followers left gushing comments.

One replied: ‘Prince William’s title should be Prince of Hotness.’

Another added: ‘Couldn’t help but think, “hello daddy long legs!”‘

‘Ah yes His Royal Hotness does it again,’ a third gushed.

‘Prince William is so handsome,’ a fourth replied. 

In the clip, the father-of-three goes rowing with the team who raise money for mental health charity projects by rowing oceans in Dorney Lake in Windsor

The video of Prince William rowing in Windsor sent royal fans wild this morning – with one joking he should be called ‘Prince of Hotness’

‘Smooth operator = Prince William,’ a fifth said.

While rowing alongside them, William asked: ‘Was it the physical toll or the mental toll? What was the hardest thing for you guys to manage?’

Callum replied: ‘The physical toll tends to be one of those things where everything gets slightly harder each day.

‘But the thing we really have to work at is how we work together as a team and that mental challenge around it.’

Hugo then added: ‘[It’s] understanding each other’s vulnerabilities and showing empathy.

‘That was how we got past the real psychological hurdles and just being really open with our emotions like that. I think that was something we were really good at.’

As a result of their various challenges, Hugo’s team have helped to raise over £600,000 for military charities and organisations that support veterans and their families.

William also asked the team how they deal with anxiety during a recent even where the team raced against 42 other teams to cross the Atlantic – where they faced 40-foot waves and tropical storms

Royal fans wasted no time before admitting they were distracted by Prince William’s good looks 

Hugo said: ‘We focus so much on our physical health but actually, acknowledging that psychological health is the same.

‘Everyone gets anxiety to various degrees. If you engage with it and have things in your back pocket to address those things one by one, you’re in a much better position to [show] your potential.’

Showing his understanding of their demanding occupations, William continued: ‘Submarine service, you have to have a certain mentality to do your job.

‘You’re in a metal tube for months on end. Lots of your life’s pleasures are away – you don’t have sunlight or fresh air.’

Hugo added: ‘You go from being a civilian to this whole new world where you’re working with ship mates and a whole new dynamic.’

Speaking from his own experience, the royal added: ‘Understanding our support networks is crucial because a lot of people don’t have those support networks.

‘I think in the military, we’re very good at forming close bonds and realising the only way we’re going to get through all this is by helping each other.’

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