Savvy mum saves thousands on a new kitchen with £170 makeover

Savvy mum reveals how she transformed her cold and dated kitchen into a modern space with shaker-style units for just £170 with MDF and a lick of paint

  • A mother has shared how DIY shave £1000 off her beautiful modern kitchen  
  • The mum-of-one made dated cupboards appear brand new with mdf and paint
  • She even created her own leather handles by purchasing individual strips 

One mother, wanting to redo her kitchen but not liking the price tag that would come with it, created her very own modern kitchen paradise for just £170.

Sarah-Jayne Plant, 29, from Wiltshire, created the kitchen of her dreams on a tight budget, saving herself thousands in the process. 

The mum-of-one transformed the worktops with DC Fix, made her own shaker-style cupboards with MDF from B&Q and even created leather handles herself.

Sarah-Jayne told money-saving community ‘When we moved into our home I knew it was where we would stay.

Sarah-Jayne Plant, 29, from Wiltshire, created the kitchen of her dreams on a tight budget, saving herself thousands in the process.  She used MDF from B&Q to create shaker-style units, made her own leather handles and painted the units in an on-trend dark grey 

Her kitchen before was drab and dated, and after looking on Pinterest and Instagram, Sarah-Jayne was inspired to give it a makeover 

Sarah-Jayne created her own shaker style kitchen after becoming displeased with how dated her kitchen looked

‘I managed to get the rest of the house feeling warm and homely but the kitchen never felt right. It felt cold and unwelcoming.

‘I looked at people’s Instagram and Pinterest and thought I could never afford a beautiful kitchen like theirs, so I thought I could try and recreate one myself. 

‘I loved the idea of a shaker style kitchen so I went to B&Q and I picked up three MDF boards at around £12 each and they kindly cut them into three-inch wide strips.’

Shaker style units have a square centre panel, and Sarah-Jayne used the MDF to create the look on her plain cupboard doors.  

The mum lightly sanded down the original cupboards and used wood glue to attach the MDF around each one to creat a centre panel that looks like a shaker unit 

‘I had to cut some of them down with a handsaw to the lengths I needed,’ she said

‘I slightly sanded down the original cupboards and used wood glue to attach the MDF around each cupboard.’

‘A few hours later I went and filled in any gaps with polyfilla.

‘I gave the finished cupboards a sand before painting them with Wilko Supernova Tough & Washable Matte Paint on the bottom cupboards, which cost £17 and B&Q GoodHome Durable Artemisa Matte Cabinet Paint for £15.

‘When it came to finding handles I liked, I loved the look of leather handles and you can definitely buy them pre-made but it wasn’t in my budget.

Not wanting to spend a fortune on handmade leather handles, Sarah-Jayne found strips of leather and created them herself

‘Instead, I found strips of leather online for roughly £20 and cut them myself to size and made my unusual handles.’

Sarah-Jayne’s budget buys to make over her kitchen

MDF: £36

DC Fix sticky plastic: £30

Leather pieces: £20 

B&Q GoodHome paint: £22 

Wilko Supernova Tough & Washable Matte Paint: £17

B&Q GoodHome Durable Artemisa Matte Cabinet Paint: £15

Wood strips: £6 

‘The kitchen worktops definitely needed a freshen up because it was too much with all the black, so I used DC Fix wood grain effect sticky back plastic.

‘I used almost three rolls at £10 each. I already had the tile paint from something I had done previously – it was B&Q GoodHome durable liberty matte multi-surface paint at £22.

‘The wood above the top cupboards is just simple wood strips from Proper Job at roughly £2 each. I used probably three of those. And they’re just tapped in with nails so can be easily removed.’

‘I also used these in my son’s room to create a grownup space and it looked amazing!

‘I wanted to make this room warm and cosy, and I think for my family I achieved a big impact on a small budget.’

‘For anyone looking at creating something similar I would just say take your time, and work on one thing at once so it doesn’t become overwhelming.’

‘Also mistakes happen and that’s okay. This took me over a few weeks to do buying bits at a time as and when I could afford to.’

‘It cost me roughly £170 in total.’

‘It would probably have cost at least £1,500 for professionals to do it and I feel over the moon with the amount I have saved.’

‘I didn’t think I could do it but it goes to show you can if you put your mind to it!’  

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