Savvy woman saves £3k to sell own home in three weeks without using estate agent

A woman revealed how she managed to sell her own house in three weeks without using an estate agent.

Carrie Rose, 30, purchased the semi-detached property in a village in south Yorkshire around six years ago for £154,000.

She wanted to put it on the market to upsize to a bigger family home but was stunned at how much estate agents would cost.

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The CEO and founder of marketing agency Rise at Seven was adamant to sell her house quicker on her own and save money too.

She started by researching house prices before using TikTok for photography and editing advice, reports Manchester Evening News.

Carrie said: "I took my own photos using TikTok for angle advice.

"I'm not bad with a camera, but type 'house selling photography tips' into TikTok and you'll get some really good advice.

"I then created a PDF – putting a face and story to the house. In the housing market, the products are so faceless.

"I shared my story highlighting the things I like about this house and not what everyone typically does such as crime rate and schools."

The PDF that Carrie created to advertise her house read: "Welcome to my three-bed home, in the quiet village of Roseville.

"I bought this house five years ago when it was a plot of mud with lots of potential."

She also discussed the parks in the area as well as her friendly neighbours.

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The next job was for Carrie to work out how to price her home competitively.

"I haven't done any renovation over the years, just bits of décor and gardening but nothing that increases the value," she explained.

"The house has increased in value overtime by itself. I bought it for £154,000 and it's now worth £218,000.

"To get the price I looked at houses on my street that were the same build and valued it based on that.

"I got three separate valuations too online which were all free."

Carrie then needed to get the advert for her house out there but ran into an issue with Rightmove.

"I then looked into 'list your house for free' and Strike came up again and again," she revealed.

"They saw the problem I saw, and came up with a solution to help people like me to list on Rightmove without having to pay a penny, so I signed up."

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Carrie continued: "They're an online estate agents, meaning you can fully control your house sale from start to end.

"Rightmove see them as an agency so you can use that loophole to get on Rightmove listings.

"The Strike platform lets me book viewings and see data around house views and searches.

"Once it was up – I started distributing. I found a list of 13 local Facebook communities my audience was engaging with every day.

"I shared my PDF on there and waited."

Carrie said that competitor houses had been up for sale for 8 plus months, but after putting hers up at the end of February, she had requests for viewings within just a few days.

Giving tips for doing the viewings herself, Carrie advised: "Show people round your house throughout the day, there's nothing worse than a dark house.

"Make sure the house smells nice and get rid of your clutter. And tell them your story of why you love the house."

Within three weeks Carrie had three people interested, and accepted a final offer for the asking price of £218,000.

"The process isn't that hard, but house selling seems to be the most difficult time in a life," she concluded.

"Someone needs to revolutionise the housing market, the marketing of homes and property and make it faster and more enjoyable also put the control into the hands of the people."

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