Shakira’s hairstylist has shared the secret to her incredible curls – and it’s an £8 jelly

One of the main things that always seems to set us apart from divas and celebrities is how on-point and luscious their hair always seems to look.

They obviously have teams of professionals looking after their locks using high-end luxurious products, but if you’ve ever looked at Shakira's perfect mermaid waves and thought "I will never be able to achieve that", hold your horses because we have a piece of great news: the main product her hairstylist Liam Curran, who regularly works with her, uses for her top-notch wavy look is an £8 Umberto Giannini Hair Jelly!

So…what is this magic product and how do we use it to look exactly like Shakira (or at least merely try)?

The Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Scrunching Jelly, £8.25 here, is a vegan, silicone, sulphate and paraben-free Curl Jelly used for scrunch styling all types of curls, waves and coils.

With its lightweight texture, this jelly provides medium hold with an uncanny slip through the hair that will ensure a smooth finish with all-around shine – no time for crunchy hair here!

Liam, the celebrity hair stylist that is responsible for Shakira's mermaid waves, built an interestingly low-budget routine to achieve the result, and this is what he had to say about it:

“The first product used was the signature Umberto Giannini Curl Scrunching Jelly, an essential for curly hair. On pre-washed hair I use a scrunching technique on the hair and lightly comb through to ensure that the product is even from roots to tips, allowing for a better finish.”

For step 2 he added: “To create the waves, I then set the hair using a Bantu knot set technique. This involves twisting the hair and then wrapping them into place and leaving them to dry and then once set, the hair is left in a uniformed wave pattern.”

The other products that Curran uses on the Colombian music queen include:

Umberto Giannini Heat Shield Frizz Control Heat Protection Spray – £9.25 here

Umberto Giannini No More Frizz Anti-Frizz Curl Serum – £8.95 here

Are you going to try these products and give yourself the perfect mermaid look?

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