Shoppers 'shocked' by these hair thickening fibres transforming thinning hair

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We’ve tried everything for thicker hair, from rosemary spray to vitamin tablets – with varying success – but this much-hyped powder is ‘changing the lives’ of users suffering from a thinning barnet.

The Nanogen Hair Fibres (£18.95) have both men and women raving, and use science-y sounding Kinetic™ technology which aims to optimise a hair thickening effect with enhanced binding pattern and strength.

‘I love these hair fibres. They make my hair look and feel much thicker with no sticky or heaviness. They look and feel really natural,’ said one happy shopper of this evidently whimsical product.

Another user was a fan of the delivery, which, we suppose, is always handy, but added: ‘Not only did the product arrive on time but more importantly it works.

‘I’ve tried different products in the past and this is the only one I would recommend. Little to no mess and it matches my hair colour perfectly.’

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Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibres

Saying the product blended in seamlessly with their natural hair, one shopper mused: ‘…honestly undetectable. Makes my thin hair look bouncy and voluminous – does wonders for my confidence as thin hair has been a problem for over 40 years – love love love it and would be without it now!’

And another simply wrote (and they weren’t the only ones to suggest this): ‘This product has changed my life!’

For under £20, we’d say that kind of confidence boost is certainly great value!

Hair fibres are no new trend – over the last few decades, it has been a secret trick of hair stylists and trichologists to apply Keratin Hair Fibres to thinning hair to hide sparse patches and receding hairlines. 

Want to go the extra mile with the treatment? The Nanogen Locking Spray (£11.95) gives the fibres an additional level of stickiness, which will hold them in place and protect them from all weather conditions – whether that’s wind and rain, or sticky sunny spells.

It’s no surprise that so many of us are lusting after more luscious locks, considering that hair loss affects a third of women during their lives,
and more than 85% of men by the time they are 50, according to research from the brand.

This can be exacerbated by stress and lifestyle factors, but sometimes it’s merely down to genetics.

So if it’s something that’s affecting your confidence, it’s nice to know there are options out there.

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