Spoilers: Pregnancy news, sex shock and a dangerous mistake in Neighbours

Neighbours is heading back to our screens after it’s festive break and it won’t disappoint! There’s baby news, big returns, saucy hijinks and a little bit of romance to ease us back into Ramsay Street life. Oh Neighbours, we’ve missed you!

Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) has a Christmas gift for Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda), but it’s one they might want to return when they learn she’s pregnant with their baby while also being a ruthless thief. They’re left in a bit of a quandary, what will they do?

In the wake of the revelations poor, Toadie (Ryan Moloney) is forced to make a tough decision about his future.

A well known face heads back to Erinsborough this week to try her luck with Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis). But is he really any match for Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton)?

Sheila’s (Colette Mann) in for a tough time when Jane (Annie Jones) makes a move on her man.

And just to lift everyone’s spirits, there’s a new romance blossoming under the mistletoe.

Here’s what’s a head in Neighbours this week.

Nic’s baby news

Paul is still adamant David needs to find a way to end the deal he and Aaron have made with Nicolette, but it’s way too late for that – Nicolette discovers she’s pregnant. Nic learns this while in the midst of trying to ruin Audrey’s Erinsborough life, which gives her a dose of instant karma as instead of leaving like Nic wants, Audrey confesses to her crime and Nic is forced to ‘fess up too. This news, along with the baby news, leaves David in a very distressed state as he now can’t trust Nic at all. Feeling completely wrung out by it all he snaps at Aaron, blaming him for the mess.

Toadie makes a tough decision

Audrey’s confession leaves Toadie in a terrible position and he’s forced to call time on their fledgling romance. The revelation of her theft leaves him rocked and feeling betrayed by the web of lies. There’s no way he can pursue things now that he knows he can’t trust her. He resolves to try something new – Toadie’s taking to Tinder.

Amy Greenwood returns and she’s got her eye on Paul

Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson’s ex who left back in 2000, returns to Erinsborough to follow an opportunity for her career. She is now in the fashion industry and wants to land Lassiters’ uniform tender and manages to charm her way into a meeting with Paul and Terese. Amy wants this job and she’ll do anything to get it. Toadie tips her off that Paul can be charmed by pretty, ambitious women, and she knows exactly what she needs to do to get Paul on side.

Hendrix makes a dangerous mistake

Harold’s has been trashed and Hendrix rushes to do what he can to fix the situation. He deletes the CCTV footage from the complex to save Jay’s skin but in turn this makes him late for work. Paul is irate at this lack of respect and shoves him on laundry duty for the day. The weight on his mind increases when Levi starts to question him about the break in and he decides enough is enough, he’s done with Jay. But all of this has him preoccupied and it leads to devastating consequences – when Paul assumes he’s been slacking on the job he gives him even more to do. Overworked and distracted, Hendrix unwittingly damages the steam press so when Terese arrives to rescue him from Paul’s wrath, she falls victim to his carelessness and finds herself in a very dangerous situation.

Sex shock for Jane

Sheila has finally decided she wants her man back, and the Christmas party is the place to do it with it being all romantic and festive, and with mistletoe hanging around. Sadly for her, someone beats her to it – Clive and Jane get on like a house on fire while at the do, they have a few drinks and end up in bed together. The next day Jane is shocked by her actions and they both feel super guilty for what they’ve done, so decide to keep it a secret. But it won’t be long before Sheila finds out the truth. And having had such amazing chemistry, do they really want to deny themselves giving this a go?

Levi and Bea have a Christmas snog

Roxy, Yashvi and Ned decide it’s high time Levi and Bea finally get it on so they set the pair up. Firstly, they spike their punch then make the couple play a compatibility game – which, of course, they ace. It gets them talking and suddenly they realise they are under the mistletoe. It’s a little Christmas miracle!

Scenes air from Monday 4th January on Channel 5.

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