Tamar Braxton's Ex-Husband, Vincent Herbert, Ordered to Pay $500,000 in Recent Legal Judgement

Tamar Braxton’s ex Vincent Herbert’s reported money troubles continue to pile up. Though Herbert lived lavishly during his marriage to the “Love & War” singer, since their split, his finances are reportedly in ruins. Herbert was recently made to pay a judgment to a record label for a little over $500,000.

A restraining order was requested after the music executive failed to pay a $380,000 judgment

A judge found Herbert in contempt of court over a lawsuit from LNDX Records for failing to turn over financial documents in their lawsuit. LNDX sued Herbert and his record label, Streamline, over a business deal gone sour. As a result, LNDX was awarded a judgment of $380,000.

A judge ordered Herbert to turn over all financial records – which included profits he earned from Lady Gaga and Remy Ma when he managed them. He was also asked to turn over documents related to Herbert’s divorce from Braxton. Herbert was non-compliant.

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Both Gaga and Remy Ma were subpoenaed by the court to hand over their financial receipts from their time with Herbert. The obliged and the information they provided helped LDNX locate a Wells Fargo bank account of Herbert’s that the courts were not privy to. Herbert’s account was frozen until further notice. 

Despite LNDX being awarded a judgment in July 2017, Herbert didn’t make any payments. LNDX went back to court out of fear that Herbert was using Streamline Records to hide his income. They sought a restraining order to prohibit Streamline Records from transferring any money or assets.

A judge rules Vincent Herbert is in default of $500,000 

According to a recent report by Radar Online, Herbert has avoided dealing the lawsuit altogether, despite being properly served with the paperwork. In recent months, he to show up to court or file a response to the suit regarding the $380,000 he was awarded to pay LNDX. 

In a new order, a New York judge determined the Tamar & Vince star is on the hook for $506,116. The breakdown includes the initial amount owed to LNDX of $380,492.63, plus $124,968.37 in interest. 

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This is a separate legal battle from the one Herbert has been battling with SONY, who filed a separate action against him over unpaid advances. A court awarded the SONY a total of $4 million. 

In case Herbert didn’t pay up, SONY convinced a judge to allow them to seize Herbert’s music royalties until the debt was paid off. His catalog includes revenue from music from artists like his ex-wife, and his former sister-in-law Toni Braxton.

Herbert’s financial trouble began a few years before he and Braxton split. The couple were accused of not properly paying music producers, songwriters, hair and makeup artists, and even their nanny. 

He was also allegedly evicted from his Beverly Hills condo for failure to pay his monthly rent. Herbert has not spoken publicly about his money or legal woes.

It’s unclear what artists he’s currency working with as his social media presence is slim. It’s speculated that he’s currently, or was formerly managing The Four star, Candice Boyd.

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