Tattoo model who covered 98% of her body in ink shares latest extreme procedures

Amber Luke is a big fan of body modification and has covered 98% of herself in intricate tattoos over the years.

She’s also braved grisly procedures like dermal piercings, ear stretching, tongue splitting and eyeball inking.

And to feel more confident about her appearance, she’s gone under the knife to get boob jobs and a Brazilian bum lift.

Even though some have pleaded with her to slow down with procedures, the 26-year-old has defended her decision to “evolve”.

She’s altered her look as recently as this month, when she got five different aesthetic treatments done.

On Instagram, Amber thanked Zion Beauty Clinic in Brisbane for helping her bring her vision to life.

The Australian model posted a pouty selfie on Instagram.

And in the caption, she told her followers about the work she's had done in recent weeks.

Amber wrote: "I have had the following treatments done by them and highly recommended every single one:

"Chin dissolve treatment, lip filler, cheek filler, chin filler, under eye (bags)."

The post garnered 2,000 likes – and many gushed over the influencer's new look.

One commenter swooned: "Looking good."

Another said: "Wow. I love."

A third wrote: "Beautiful angel" and a fourth added: "You're a plastic goddess, Amber."

Want to read more about Amber and her transformation?

The star battled with her mental health as a teenager but found tattoos to be a great way to express herself.

Previously, she explained: “I struggled immensely with my depression at 16, when I first started my journey.

"I saw it as an opportunity to reclaim my confidence and build myself into someone I'm proud of being.”

The model is much happier since getting inked – even though some keyboard warriors have cruelly branded her a "freak".

While some aren't keen on her transformation, she refuses to let trolls' comments hold her back.

Earlier this year, she said: said: “You think that it would hurt me, but I’ve gotten so so strong over the years of this torment."

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