Teacher quits job as OnlyFans page is exposed by ex who says ‘she deserved it’

A man sent his ex wife’s OnlyFans page to the school she worked at.

Amy Kupps was mortified when the principal found out she was living a double life as a teacher by day and sexy model by night.

She was so embarrassed she quit her job teaching history to 12 and 13-year-olds – but her former flame doesn’t feel bad about exposing the truth.

Teddy admitted he blew his ex wife's cover after she refused to share her earnings with him.

As it was his idea for Amy to join the adult site, he believes he should have had a cut off the profits.

He said: "She was embarrassed [by being exposed] I'm sure, but hey whatever – she deserved it!"

Teddy added: "I'll never see anything from her success and I've come to terms with that."

Despite being annoyed about his ex's earnings, Amy's former partner admits he feels a little guilty about the act of revenge.

He admits to cheating on her in the past and struggling with feelings of jealousy.

Teddy said: "Part of me regrets the fact I've turned her in but what can I say, I deserve better.

"It is true she resigned from the embarrassment and I did have an affair with a younger woman I met at a club."

Teddy added: “It was my idea to get the OnlyFans started and I thought It was hot at first, but the attention she got made me envious.

"Also, I felt as if I should get half the money since it was my idea.

“Once she got started with OnlyFans, things were amazing – sex was hot but she seemed to have better relationships with her fans and started having less sex with me.

"In the end it was all my idea and yeah I'm the jealous type, but who cares I'm happy now with a younger bustier woman."

Following the dispute, the couple divorced back in 2020.

Amy admitted: "We couldn't talk without rowing.

"My husband couldn't handle that there were men online spoiling me with gifts far more expensive than he could."

While her teaching career is on pause, she’s focusing on OnlyFans instead.

She said: "My ultimate goal is to be one of the most famous OnlyFans models in the world."

Amy has made made $150,000 (around £110,000) from the adults only platform, which allows creators to put content behind a paywall.

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While she is reluctant to return to her old school, she may get back into teaching in the future.

Amy said: "I'd love to do OnlyFans full-time but we'll see.

"I might reapply to teaching when the kids go back to school in autumn.

"Ideally I'd like to do this into my 50s and then retire young to enjoy it."

And Teddy added: "Best of luck to her on her future endeavours, she is a beauty but I'm the beast."

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