The £5 M&S laundry liquid that 'smells just like £157 Le Labo perfume'

I’m a beauty expert and M&S’ £5.50 laundry liquid smells exactly like £157 La Labo perfume – it’ll make your wardrobe feel so expensive

  • Laura Capon urged shoppers to buy the laundry detergent and fabric softener
  • She said the Le Labo perfumes are ideal if you want to ‘smell expensive’
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A former beauty editor has urged fans of Le Labo fragrances to stock up on M&S’ £5 laundry liquids – which she claims smell just like the pricey perfumes.

Laura Capon, 36, from South London, previously worked as Cosmopolitan UK’s deputy beauty editor and is now a columnist for fashion and beauty website

Earlier this month, the social media star – who boasts 65,000 TikTok followers – posted a video raving about her new £5.50 M&S laundry liquid and £3.50 fabric softener.

In a viral clip that has amassed over 36,800 views, Laura explained how she had bought the two products in the scents Sandalwood and Bergamot and Sandalwood and Rose. 

Describing how the new range is ‘beautiful’, Laura said: ‘If you like La Labo perfumes or a warm, sandalwood-y perfume and you want to smell expensive, these laundry liquids and fabric softeners are *chef’s kiss*.

In a viral TikTok which has amassed over 36,000 views, Laura urged shoppers to stock up on M&S’ new laundry products

Opening the bottle of Sandalwood and Bergamot laundry liquid, Laura sniffed it and said: ‘You’ll just smell rich.

‘You and your clothes will smell warm and rich!’

Laura then focused on the Sandalwood and Rose fabric softener.

She continued: ‘I don’t normally like rose but oh my God, I actually prefer this one.

‘Honestly, this could be La Labo perfume. I feel like we all just need to get to M&S immediately to get our hands on this.’

The beauty expert then captioned the video: ‘My perfume? Oh, it’s my fabric conditioner.’ 

Although Laura didn’t specify what Le Labo perfume the M&S laundry products smell like, the luxury New York-based brand do have a £157 fragrance called Bergamote 22 which also has ‘woody notes’.

Meanwhile, the product description for their Rose 31 fragrance reveals that it also had based notes of ‘warm and spicy cedar’. 

 M&S’ laundry liquid has been compared to Le Labo perfumes by beauty expert Laura Capon. The products have proved so popular that only the unscented laundry liquids are available to shop online

My perfume? Oh, it’s my fabric conditioner 😂 #marksandspencer #fabricconditioner

Unsurprisingly, Laura’s post sent shoppers into a frenzy – with dozens of viewers saying they would pick up a bottle the next time they went to M&S. 

Currently, only the unfragranced alternatives are available to shop online as they have proven so popular.

One replied: ‘Oh no… I’ve been influenced. I’m going to have to go and get it tomorrow!’ 

Another added: ‘I resisted these last week but now I might have to try!’

‘I’ve heard all I need to hear,’ a third wrote. ‘Off to M&S I go.’

Last month, another beauty enthusiast claimed to have found the ‘exact’ dupe of Le Labo’s pricey £157 perfume – and it costs a fraction of the designer price.

TikTok user Chloe Wise, from Manchester, urged her followers to head down to their nearest M&S beauty aisle. 

Lucy Wise (pictured), from Manchester, stumbled upon the perfume dupe when she was shopping for underwear in M&S earlier this month

Left: A single 50ml bottle of Le Labo’s Santal  33 perfume costs a cool £157. The designer fragrance has notes of cardamom, woody ambrox and leather. Right: In contrast, the M&S alternative is only £9.50 and has notes of cardamom which are offset with cedarwood, sandalwood and cinnamon

In a viral video that’s amassed over 345,000 views, Chloe explained how she was recently being fitted for a bra when she decided to have a browse through their makeup and bodycare range. 

She said: ‘I was just having a little potter about and they have their own brand called Apothecary. 

‘I picked up this perfume randomly, thought I’d give it a little sniff and oh my god, it is the same – it’s not even slightly different – as the Le Labo Santal 33.’

Holding the bottle up to camera, Chloe continued: ‘This is it. It’s in the Apothecary range and it’s called Warmth.’

What’s more, the savvy shopper she didn’t want to ‘gatekeep’ the affordable dupe from the followers. 

‘It’s a 50ml and it was £9.50 and it literally smells exactly the same, she added. ‘Run, do not walk!’

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