The 6 Most Expensive Homes Rented By Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber is a famous Canadian singer known globally for his contribution to the pop, R&B, and EDM genres of music. The young and immensely talented musical artist began his flourishing music career back in 2008 and has since established himself as one of the most influential pop stars of the modern era. Bieber is the recipient of several coveted awards and accolades in the music industry, including the prestigious Grammy Award, and is also the youngest solo main act to top the US ‘Billboard 200’ chart in 47 years.

Bieber’s enormous success as a musician has allowed the talented Canadian singer to live an extravagant lifestyle. From private jets to fancy cars, Bieber’s immense fortune is a testament to what passion and hard work can accomplish. However, the Canadian pop star’s most intriguing display of wealth is his desire to reside in some of the world’s most swanky and opulent accommodations that cost a fortune to rent or acquire.

6 The Party Pad: Lake Hollywood

Justin is known for his lavish lifestyle, including a fair share of carouses. So this luxury estate located in Lake Hollywood was the ideal location for a celebratory escapade.

With an entourage of amenities, including a nightclub zone, free bars, a set of elevators, and even a personal movie theater, this exquisite ‘party pad’ ticked all the right boxes for sheer gratification.

This stunning piece of real estate also featured 18 bathrooms, ten bedrooms, and a music room that worked in tandem to create an enthralling atmosphere that set a benchmark for congeniality.

With a stunning landscape courtesy of the property’s placement and architecture, this $29,000 a month party island was undeniably one of Justin Bieber’s most extravagant rental accommodations.

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5 Luxury Mansion: Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is home to several celebrated personalities in the entertainment industry. Los Angeles city defines affluence and is a hotspot for a variety of thoughtfully conceived mansions and luxury houses.

Justin’s reported stay at Beverly Hills would witness the Canadian singer rent out a lavish 10,236 sq. feet property, with its design and architecture dripping with sophistication.

The $35,000 a month mansion was home to an intricately designed kitchen space, four fireplaces, a personal movie theater, and even a serenity fountain that took the extravagance factor to a whole new level.

With cozy tubs and a stunning Los Angeles skyline in the mix, this opulent Beverly Hills property was well-deserved for its exorbitant monthly remittance.

4 A Luxury Home By Toluca Lake

Justin Bieber requires a certain level of elegance and convenience when it comes to his livelihood.

The critically acclaimed musician made headlines in 2016 for renting out a luxury home near Toluca lake, north of Hollywood Universal Studios. With a reported $80,000 a month tariff, this lavish 13,000 sq. ft accommodation was a hot topic of discussion amongst the ‘Beliebers’ and the media globally for various reasons.

The scenic mansion featured several luxurious amenities that detailed comfort and was just one of the two properties rented by Bieber and his wife in the Toluca Lake vicinity.

The Biebers took residence in an equally luxurious mansion located at Toluca Lake Avenue. This elegant accommodation featured a gourmet kitchen, a spa, a personalized dockyard, and even king-sized bedroom suites with spa-like bathrooms that made for a cozy living environment.

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3 The North London Property

Besides his music tours, Justin has a knack for leisure traveling. The critically acclaimed singer explored London’s awe-inspiring architecture and historical significance and unsurprisingly took residence in one of ‘The Big Smoke’s’ most lavish vicinities.

Bieber would rent out a vintage 27,000 sq. feet North London property. This property was a perfect blend of old-school nostalgia and modern-day convenience for its layout and amenities.

With an abundance of creature comforts in the form of 15 bedrooms, a steam room, a sauna, and even a well-equipped gymnasium, this $133,000 a month mansion was the pinnacle of exuberance.

The nostalgia factor surrounding the old-school property was prominent with the inclusion of an elegant wine cellar, while its modern-day infrastructure in the form of two kitchens, a tennis court, and even a personal movie theater made for a cozy living environment.

2 The Los Angeles’ Salad Spinner’ House

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With the entirety of this luxurious Los Angeles abode made of glass, this unique 7,500 sq. feet property was the epicenter of comfort and gratification.

The eloquent ‘Salad Spinner’ house was one of Justin’s first properties to be rented for an eye-watering $60,000 a month and featured an ensemble of luxurious amenities in the the form of six bedrooms, an elevator, a vast courtyard, and even an infinity pool.

The spacious Los Angeles residence also offered up a breath-taking landscape that made for a relaxing visual, while the thoughtful layout and intricate architecture made it a superb value for money proposition.

1 Beverly Hills Extravagance

The Biebers certainly live a high life, and their luxurious livelihood exemplifies this trait.

Justin is often the center of attention pertaining to his flourishing music career and lavish lifestyle, and his recent acquisition of one of Beverly Hills’ most luxurious and exorbitant mansions certainly took his supporters and the media by surprise.

With a whopping $8.5 million price tag, the Biebers’ very own vintage Monterey colonial estate undeniably screams opulence. The massive luxury estate featured five bedrooms, a family room, a wood-paneled library, and even a personalized home theater for a more enriching living experience.

Justin Bieber is undeniably one of the most successful musical artists in the modern era. The Canadian pop star has come a long way since the birth of his musical career in 2008 and has never shied away from displaying his immense wealth and fortune to his supporters. Bieber’s enormous success as a musician has allowed the talented artist to live a lavish lifestyle, with his fancy livelihood highlighting his impressive $285 million net worth. Justin has forked over copious amounts of cash to nurture his lavish lifestyle, and one can expect the influential pop star to continue his reign of dominance in the music industry in the years to come.

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