The K-Pop Group Oh My Girl Really Lived it Up During Our 'TikTok Challenge Challenge'

During this installment of the TikTok Challenge Challenge, literally not one millisecond passed by without an encounging squeal or cheer from the the K-Pop group Oh My Girl. Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Jiho, Binnie and Arin gave each other SO much love throughout this. And TBQH…positive feedback was necessary for the high-pressure situation we put them in. Here’s how this challenge typically goes down: We assign a popular TikTok dance to each player, and they get a minute to learn it. Yes, literally 60 seconds. The Oh My Girl members had varied levels of TikTok dance skill but there was an equal amountof enthusiasm from all participating parties. That’s what counts!

Might I also add that all seven members dressed to impress for this challenge, (Binnie’s off the shoulder sweater? Everything.) Outfit envy and wholesome girl group bonding all-in-one! Really, what more could you ask of a TTCC episode?

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