'The View': Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Meghan McCain for Second Consecutive Day

Meghan McCain is not having a good first week back on The View. The conservative co-host returned on Monday after her maternity leave but quickly found herself at odds with her co-hosts. On Tuesday morning Joy Behar told her she wasn’t missed and on Wednesday, Whoopi Goldberg shut her down for dragging out a segment.

Why did Whoopi Goldberg get annoyed with Meghan McCain?

On her second day back on The View from maternity leave, McCain had to talk about the Georgia special elections. It was a bad night for Republicans as Democrat challengers Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock were projected to win their respective races. Warnock was a surprise special guest on the ABC talk show and things got tense.

There was something off with McCain and viewers were able to sense something was different. When the ladies were talking to Warnock he shared a sweet story about calling his mother to give her the news he would be the next senator of Georgia.

“She was elated but not terribly impressed,” he said while adding his mom reminded him that she was still in charge.

The View co-hosts laughed at the anecdote, except for McCain who remained with a stoic face throughout.

When it was McCain’s time to ask a question to the Senator-elect Warnock, she asked about Democrats “packing the courts.” Warnock did not deliver an answer to McCain’s satisfaction who insisted on the same query. The Senator-elect didn’t fall for McCain’s trap and instead focused on explaining Americans are more worried about having healthcare and a paycheck than packing the courts.

Whoopi tried to interject but McCain kept talking over her disrespecting the former’s role as the moderator. The Sister Act star got fed up at being interrupted she raised her voice, shut down McCain, and ended the interview.

“Hey! Listen! We are going to say thanks to the Senator-elect Reverend Raphael Warnock,” Whoopi says as the show’s music plays out to commercial break and she shakes her head.

This was the second consecutive day McCain was shut by Goldberg after her incident with Behar the day before.

Message from the executive producer

At the end of the show Brian Teta, The View’s executive producer made a rare appearance on the show. Teta came on to give context to what happened on the show earlier, which could have made things to get tense with the co-hosts.

“What happened at the end of Act 1 and the start of Act 1, we didn’t have the Senator-elect at the beginning of the show, which threw everything off, time was very long,” Teta explained. “At the end of the act I was yelling and several other people were yelling in Whoopi’s ear, ‘We have to go to break.’ No issue here, no drama here, just our fault.”

The interview with Warnock took up more time than the allotted and that is the reason why they were scrambling to get to commercial break as quickly as possible. With all the people screaming in Whoopi’s ear, that could’ve been the reason that she got exasperated and raised her voice at McCain. However, if McCain could also hear producers’ voices, she should have laid back and not insisted on grueling Senator-elect Warnock.

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