These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Likely To Dump You Without Warning, So Don’t Say You Didn’t Know

If you’ve never been completely blindsided by a breakup before, you should consider yourself lucky. Speaking from personal experience, it hurts like a knife to the heart. My ignorance of what was about to happen — my partner breaking things off calmly and with conviction, like he had been thinking about ending things for a while — made the sting that much more excruciating. I thought things were going so well at the time, I never saw it coming. If this is something you don’t want to experience, you need to know that these zodiac signs are likely to dump you without warning: Aries, Aquarius, and Capricorn. If you’re dating someone with their sun, moon, rising, and/or Venus in any of these signs, you have been warned.

Maybe they lose interest a lot more easily. Maybe they’re way more cutthroat when delivering bad news. Chances are, they just don’t know how to handle breakups well. In my case, I had one terrified Capricorn moon and rising on my hands. However, once the dust settled, we did end up reconciling, and we’ve been together for years now. So, on the bright side, these signs are definitely capable of surprising you. All astrology really does is give you the odds. It’s up to us to beat them.

Aries: They Fall In Love Fast… And Fall Out Even Faster

When an Aries falls for you, it won’t be long before you know it. They pursue you every every ounce of their being, determined to make you theirs. It’ll be such a whirlwind, you won’t know what hit you. An Aries just loves the chase.

It’s once they catch you that you need to worry. It’s not out of the ordinary for an Aries to lose interest as soon as things to start cooling down. Once all the exciting, hot and heavy infatuation dies down, only to be replaced by a calm, stable relationship, an Aries can get bored. They live for drama, exhilaration, and desire. If they’re not getting it from you, they’ll drop the relationship without hesitation. They’ll leave just as abruptly as they arrived. You won’t even have time to see it coming.

Aquarius: One Minute They’re There, And The Next…

An Aquarius has to be coaxed into being in a relationship in the first place. This air sign is extremely afraid of getting too serious too fast. They’re known for being so commitment-phobic that it’s amazing if you’re even in a position to be dumped by one. However, when they do decide to end their relationship, they do it as quickly and with as little effort as possible.

The thing is, they’re just not great at dealing with painful feelings. The sight of you crying makes them extremely uncomfortable. Even more terrifying is the idea of them crying. So, an Aquarius will simply appear to break the news and then disappear without a trace. Hell, they might not even do it in person. They might just leave a note, send a text, or give you a call. That’s how much an Aquarius can’t stand emotional situations.

Capricorn: They’re Done; There’s Not Much More To It

Capricorns look at emotions from a very logical standpoint. They’re also one of the most pessimistic signs in all the zodiac. When they’re serious about you, they’re very confident in the relationship. The second they start having second thoughts, they won’t hang around to analyze them. They’ll cut their losses and move on at the drop of a hat. If their relationship feels anything less than perfect, a Capricorn will have no problem leaving. It also takes them no time at all to make their decision.

Not only do they end things out of nowhere, they won’t sugarcoat the reasons why. They’ll tell you exactly why it’s not working, exactly why it will never work, and then leave you to clean up the mess. No offense to you Capricorns out there, but you are capable of being pretty cold. Maybe a little less brutal honesty wouldn’t hurt?

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