This $8 Product a ‘Miracle’ at Instantly Eliminating the ‘Terrible Scent of Wet Dog’ on Blankets & Carpet

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As much as we adore our pets, we don’t always love the messes they love. Not to mention, the smells that can sometimes come along with said messes. While there’s no shortage of pet odor eliminators out there, shoppers on Amazon found one that really gets smells out of blankets and carpets fast. And it may be a product you already have in your laundry room!

You may know Arm & Hammer’s Odor Blasters as in-wash scent boosters that you throw in the washer to keep your clothes smelling fresher for longer. Per the brand, it’s a powerful “odor blaster” that can eliminate the smell of sweat, musty towels, and body odors. It’s also said to provide “long-lasting freshness” up to 120 hours.

While these scent boosters were made for laundry, shoppers claim they’re a must-have for pet owners looking to eliminate odor. In fact, one shopper called it a “miracle product” writing, “I live with a smoker and have dogs. This takes out all traces of those smells, as verified by friends who do not smoke or have pets.” That’s a pretty big deal considering both smoke and pet odor can be very tough to remove.

Another shopper said they didn’t initially get these for the washer, but to remove smells from their carpet. They wrote, “I sprinkle some of these onto the carpet before vacuuming and the terrible scent of wet dog goes away instantly, and lasts for quite a while. Not only does it have a fresh scent, but if you’re doing a quick touch-up before company arrives, it helps to make the house smell great. Especially, since we have five dogs.”

So, whether you want to get rid of smells on your clothing, blankets, or carpet, Arm & Hammer’s Odor Blasters are definitely worth considering. After all, who doesn’t love a product that works fast and can be used for multiple purposes? Plus, it’s less than $10, which makes it a solid choice in our book! Think about how much money it can also save you in the long run.

Arm & Hammer’s Odor Blasters have over 9,000 perfect five-star reviews with shoppers loving it for a number of different reasons. For one, it smells “amazing” on clothes, one skeptical shopper took a liking to it fast. They wrote, “At first when opening the bottle I didn’t really think the smell was that great, actually I didn’t even like it. However, after washing clothes and blankets in it, I’m absolutely in love — especially for the price! The smell lasts so much longer than Unstoppables and it’s cheaper. Glad I gave it a chance.”

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Speaking of saving money, one reviewer who said it was “perfect for pet owners” loved that you didn’t need a ton of product for it to be effective. “I use it for laundry and mopping,” they said. “[It] deodorizes any pee stains and my guinea pig’s blankets and cages. It keeps everything smelling fresh for a few days. Saves me a lot of money because you don’t need a lot to get the job done. Even makes my clothes feel softer.”

Another shopper liked how it actually “kills the smells, without the perfume.” They wrote, “Leave it to Arm & Hammer to do exactly what it says — blasts odors. Not cover, hide, or disguise with perfume. It removes the odor. It killed people sweat, pet accidents, and just left the laundry fresh. Especially the sheets, which had that Arm & Hammer clean smell for days after sleeping on them. I tend to be a fan of natural detergents as we have sensitive skin issues, but with a sick cat, Arm & Hammer kills smells like nothing else. Not even Tide.”

Right now, you can get the Odor Blasters for $8 on Amazon. But if you really want to score a good deal, consider purchasing the product with Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program. Currently, there’s a 25% off coupon that you can check off and apply to your order. It’s a great deal to take advantage of, especially if you know you’ll be repurchasing in the future. Check out Arm & Hammer’s Odor Blasters today.

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