Todd & Julie Chrisley Get Long Prison Sentences For $30 Million Bank Fraud

Todd and Julie Chrisley have finally been sentenced to jail for tax evasion and brank fraud, and they’re going away for a long time.

On Monday, a court determined that Todd will be spending 12 years behind bars, while Julie will serve 7 years. Upon serving their time, they’ll be subjected to 3 years of supervised released.

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The couple will also have to pay restitution once they’re out of jail. The amount is to be determined at a later date.

Todd and Julie were charged in 2019 after it was alleged they submitted false paper work to community banks in order to secure $30 million in fraudulent loans. They kept opening new loans to pay back the old ones.

They were accused to using the funds to finance their lavish lifestyle, which include vacations, designer clothing, and real estate purchases. Todd eventually filed for bankruptcy, letting him escape $20 million in debt.

As to whether the couple may get out early, experts say it’s unlikely.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Neama Rahmani, the president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, says the reality stars will likely serve “85 percent of their sentence.”

“And that’s the minimum they’re going to have to serve if they’re model inmates,” the attorney explained. “Unlike states where inmates can sometimes serve less than even half of their sentence, under federal statutes, you only get a slight reduction for good behavior.”

It’s not only Todd and Julie who were sentenced for their financial crimes. The couple’s accountant, Peter Tarantino, was handed 3 years in prison for his complicitness.

He will also be subjected to 3 years of supervised release after his time.

The Chrisley family’s numerous reality shows – including Chrisley Knows Best, growing Up Chrisley, and Love Limo – have all been cancelled following the sentencing.

However, a reduced season of only 10 episodes will film in 2023; the footage was filmed before Todd and Julie were found guilty.

Todd and Julie have two minor children in their care – their youngest child, son Grayson, 16, and their granddaughter, Chloe 10, whom they were given custody of in 2016. The couple’s older daughter Savannah has confirmed she’ll be caring for her brother and niece during her parent’s incarceration.

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