Touching photos show real love and affection between Charles and Diana

This was the year that Charles and Diana first met. We tend to remember the bad times – which were very bad indeed. But there was real love and affection, too, as these touching photographs show…

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It was around this time of year, in November 1977, that Charles and Diana first met – at a grouse shoot at Althorp, the Spencer’s family seat in Northamptonshire. 

But sparks really began to fly when they found themselves together again, a few years later, at a house party in Sussex.

The couple started dating soon afterwards and in February of 1981, their engagement was declared – even though they had only met 13 times before Charles proposed.

When it comes to Charles and Diana, it tends to be the bad times we remember. The bad times were, after all, very bad indeed.

Yet that’s not the whole story by any means. 

There was genuine love and affection between the two, as these pictures show…

Prince Charles and Princess Diana looked as in love as ever during their visit to Gilbraltar as part of their honeymoon cruising the Mediterranean Sea in August 1981

Newlyweds Prince Charles and Princess Diana pictured gazing lovingly at one another on the balcony at Buckingham Palace after their fairytale wedding in July 1981

Diana would often cheer on Prince Charles during his many polo matches. Here a happy Diana is snapped  talking to her husband at the Windsor Polo Club in 1983

Charles and Diana, the newly married Prince and Princess of Wales, still in a bubble of newlywed bliss at Balmoral in August 1981

The couple posed for photos as hey finished off their honeymoon in Balmoral

The newly engaged Prince and Princess of Wales looked to be enjoying each other’s company during a visit to their local town of Tetbury in May 1981

During a visit to Barmouth, in Wales, back in November 1982, Diana and Charles shared an affectionate smirk. Who knows what they were discussing?

Princess Diana and Prince Charles smile fondly during their Australia tour in March 1983

Charles and Diana in the gardens of Government House in Auckland, New Zealand in April 1983 – with baby son William

 Diana and Charles are pictured dancing together during a gala dinner at the Southern Cross Hotel in Melbourne, 1985

Charles was pictured affectionately holding Diana’s hand during an engagement 

The royals appeared to be in a cheery mood as they smiled at one another during an engagement in Canada in June 1983

The Princess and Prince of Wales happily chatting on their way to a banquet during a visit to New Zealand in April 1983

Diana gazed at Charles with stars in her eyes as he gave a speech during a state banquet in Auckland, New Zealand, in April 1983

In 1983 they took their first overseas tour together in Australia with Prince William

Diana and Charles shared this sweet moment at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland after their honeymoon in September 1981

After presenting her husband with a prize at the polo in Cirencester in 1985, Diana received a loving kiss on the lips in return

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