Tricky optical illusion fools you into seeing different shades of gold circles

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    A new optical illusion will leave you baffled for a few minutes. The mind-bending image showcases how the same shade of gold can look completely different on another backdrop.

    The brainteaser could leave you feeling as though the gold circles are all different shades. The images were shared by jewellers F Hinds who is putting your eyesight to the test.

    So can you see what's actually going on? Let us know what you spot in the comments section below…

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    Although it looks like the shades of gold are different, that's where you're completely wrong. It is actually our brain changing the colour of the circles when compared to other shades and backgrounds.

    The optical illusion could leave viewers feeling confused but the static image revealed the gold circles are the same shade when shown against a white background.

    Your brain can be easily fooled by the way it judges brightness and colour by comparison. When buying jewellery for yourself or a love one, bear this colour rule in mind.

    People with warmer golden based skin tone are better suited to gold jewellery with shades. Then for cooler skin tones, maybe opt for silver jewellery like sapphire blues and emerald green gems.

    Are you looking for more mind-boggling optical illusions? Previously we revealed a brainteaser to mark the Rugby World Cup 2023 tournament.

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    The illusion challenges you to spot the hidden rugby ball among the busy crowd of supporters. Betway is now getting our brains ticking with the image.

    In the colourful photo, it shows scores of fans cheering on for England with the iconic logo. There's black and white tops, as well as other Brits supporting the tournament in their own clothes.

    These kind of illusions are good to test your eyesight, as well as your patience. It could take people a few seconds, or even minutes to come close to finding the ball.

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