‘Trolls mock me for having "fluff on my muff" — but I’m a grown woman’

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    A adult actress has slammed trolls who mocked her for having pubic hair in a nude photo she posted online.

    Rebecca Goodwin, 28, from Chesterfield, England, is known for making comedic videos about her life as a high-earning porn star. But occasionally, her profession puts her in the firing line for cruel taunts from online trolls.

    However, the OnlyFans star doesn't let them get to her and often hits back in a hilarious way, gaining thousands of likes on social media. So, when she posted a nude photo to Twitter and gained criticism from a brazen bloke about her pubic hair, she didn't let it slide.

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    In a video, which has gained more than 29,000 likes, Rebecca said: "Swear on my nan's life, I'm f***ing livid. Went all out yesterday and thought I'd treat Twitter to a picture of my holes, tried to get the f**king aesthetics right. Slid a little rosebud plug in there.

    "Admittedly, my front bum's got about 14 blonde hairs on it. This lad comments saying 'rose looks nice, but the garden needs a trim.' Why is this men, any women show any evidence that they've hit puberty already?

    "They're like, 'You're not an unborn foetus. Not interested.' 'What do you mean you've got body hair? Thought you were six.' Like, I'm entitled to have a bit of fluff on my muff and I ain't going to let [him] make me feel bad about it.

    "The only people on the planet that don't naturally have body hair down there are children. So my apologies that I'm at a legal age.

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    "I get everyone has preferences. But when you're at the point where you think it is so wrong for a woman to have body hair that you have to comment, that's when you need your f***ing hard drive checking."

    TikTok viewers were left howling over her response as many people took to the comments praising her for defending her body hair. One user said: "Men that hate body hair a lot give me the biggest ick. I’ve done polls on my OF & most of my fans prefer hair! No more ingrowns for me."

    Another added: "You are a queen." A third wrote: "You are flipping hilarious."

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