‘Very effective’ Colgate teeth whitening kit gives ‘clear results’

Many strive to achieve the perfect pearly whites, and there are products that can help that can help get there in a short period of time.

A Colgate at-home teeth whitening kit is available on Amazon, and can help reverse years of staining and brighten and whiten teeth with consistent use.

For a brighter smile, some find professional teeth whitening to be a worthwhile investment, however it can be extremely costly and time-consuming.

At-home treatments can help to achieve similar results, and shoppers have found a new way to remove staining and increase whiteness.

The Colgate Teeth whitening kit is available on Amazon and has been slashed from £100 to £71.73, saving 28 percent off.

Buy: Colgate Max White Ultimate at Home LED Teeth whitening kit (£69.95)

The kit includes a teeth whitening pen containing serum to be applied onto dry teeth twice a day, followed by a 10-minute session using the LED applicator, before brushing teeth to remove the serum.

There are 35 applications in the pen, which is over two weeks of treatment if used consistently, or it could be used as and when the teeth need a whitening boost.

By using the kit, there’s the potential to reverse up to 20 years of stains, plus it’s enamel-safe so avoids damaging the teeth and is easy to use.

There are some mixed reviews on the product, with some saying they think it wouldn’t be effective on a wider smile and also doesn’t work on fillings and crowns, so this is something to keep in mind.

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Shoppers are calling the product ‘very effective and easy to use’.

One Amazon customer said: ”I used this for 6 days, and saw my teeth whiten to the level I wanted. It is now over a month since I used this system, I did think that I may need to use again for a day or two to maintain the whiteness, but not needed to yet. I am very pleased with the results.”

Megan Howell said: ”Only has this for two days but my god you can see a difference straight away!!! Can’t recommend enough!!!”

Access All Areas also added: ”Not cheap, but very effective and easy to use. Just ten minutes a day for a couple of weeks with clear results. It only whitens a fairly narrow smile, so do bear than mind if you have a smile like Julia Roberts. And colour-matched fillings and crowns don’t get whitened at the same time.”

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