Viewers slam property developer on Building Britain's Superhomes

‘Why is it the more money someone has, the more of a w***** they are?’ Viewers slam property developer on Building Britain’s Superhomes as ‘devoid of taste, style and class’

  • New show stars developer Guy Phoenix, who was not every viewer’s cup of tea 
  • Some said he was devoid of taste, called the show ‘Grand Designs’ for geezers
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Viewers were not convinced by the explosive personality of the property developer at the heart of Channel 4’s new show’s Building Britain’s Superhomes. 

They felt Guy Phoenix, who has been building homes for the super rich for the past 25 years, was ‘devoid of taste, style and class’ after watching the boisterous developer talk them through how he built a shark tank in his house own, and later replaced it with a casino. 

In the show, Guy, 49, takes viewers behind the scenes of some of the houses he builds for the wealthiest people around the UK, including a grand construction he is currently undertaking in Nottingham, and a £10million nine-bedroom mansion he’s finished in 2019 in Nottinghamshire which he showcased last night. 

Guy’s enthusiastic use of foul language did not sit well with many, with one referring to the show as ‘Grand Designs for Geezers.’  

Viewers were not convinced by Guy Phoenix, the property developer at the heart of Channel 4’s new show’s Building Britain’s Superhomes last night 

In the show, Guy, who has had no property developer training after getting kicked out of school, explained that people go to him because ‘my house is the f****** best of houses.’ 

The property developer’s first project was his own house, where he built a shark tank in his living-room, which earned him to be the talk of his neighbourhood. 

After the death of his shark, Jaws, Guy turned the shark tank into a home casino and a bar that he could enjoy during the covid-19 pandemic. 

The property developer’s exuberant style has made him a favourite of the super rich, who want their house to reflect their status, and have enough money to act on their whimsy. 

Guy warned on the show that people who wish to hire him for his houses’ ‘wow factor’ have to ‘trust the process. 

‘I pretty much got kicked out of school, I got no qualifications in interior designs, I’m not an architect,’ he admitted. 

‘It’s more art than it is construction,’ he added. 

On the show, he takes viewers to visit one of his largest projects to date, a nine-bedroom mansion in Nottinghamshire that was inspired by the Hermitage hotel in Monaco. 

Guy’s own house in Nottingham includes a bar and a home casino, which he built during the pandemic 

The developer also took viewers on a tour of 10million home he completed in 2019 in Nottinghamshire 

The nine-bedroom mansion includes a kitchen so big it counts two massive central islands and marble countertops 

Guy, pictured, who admitted he was ‘kicked out’ of school, said he wants to be known as someone who builds the world’s ‘most extravagant’ homes 

Viewers were not convinced by the developer, with some calling him both a ‘cretin’ and a ‘total knob’ 

The 23,000ftsq ‘monster’ home, as Guy called it, counts 18 bathrooms, 12 shower rooms, 10 sitting rooms, and 2,000m of light fittings, as well as its own helicopter pad. 

The house also counts its own champagne cellar, with Guy taking inspiration from the bottles for the house’s colour scheme. 

The developer said that he hopes his work shows that ‘even with a monster house like this is, it can still feel cosy.’ 

The ‘cosy’ dwelling counts nine bespoke bedroom suits, and the master bedroom comes with seven-metre-high ceillings, its own study, its own balcony and bathrooms ‘that you can play tennis in’ and his and hers dressing rooms. 

The Nottinghamshire mansion includes an impressive luminary piece that descends in the centre of a grand round staircase overlooking the house’s indoor swimming pool 

The mansion counts 10 sitting rooms, 2,000 of lights, and 18 bathrooms, as well as 12 shower rooms 

Guy said he modelled the extravagant £10million home after the Hermitage luxury hotel in Monaco 

The mansion comes with its very own home cinema and its own health suite, to provide guests with the best of entertainment 

Like most of the houses Guy builds, the Nottinghamshire mansion includes its own well-stocked bar 

‘It’s about the wow factor, it’s about the length, the height, the fireplace, oversize everything,’ he said. 

Guy joked he’s come to learn that ‘wealthy people have lots of things: ski gear, riding gear, and space f****** helmets. 

‘I want the big boys to look at me and think “f***, who is this f****** bloke, I got all the money in the world, let’s have some fun with him, Guy, you got five years, your baby, off you go, build the best that you can build”,’ he said. 

The impressive home come with the indoor swimming pool that you can see from the top of the staircase 

The fully fitted kitchen includes a sitting area, a wall-mounted TV and a bar area, as well as two islands 

Guy built the house’s very own champagne cellar and said he kept the champagne tones throughout the property 

‘I believe that I can build the most extravagant, expensive home on the planet,’ he added. 

The episode also followed Guy as he took viewers behind the scenes of a project located just near Nottingham Castle, in a former royal park that was turned into an exclusive residential area for the super rich. 

‘This job is a logistical nightmare in the sense that it’s keyhole surgery,’ he said. 

‘We’re building an enormous house, under a platform that we’re not allowed to remove, though a two metre-by-two-metre hole,’ he explained, adding it’s ‘the most peculiar, unfriendly way of building a house.’

Guy rose to fame in the property developing business thanks to his own house, which was his very first project and in front of which he parks a collection of luxury cars 

Before he remodelled his home during the pandemic, Guy’s living-room included an inhabited shark tank 

The developer’s home is fitting with a separate dressing room to accommodate his wife’s shoe collection 

Guy’s plans for the house included digging out space below the current top floor to double the size of the home, and building in a health suite comprising a swimming pool, Jacuzzis, a sauna and a steam room. 

On the same floor, the developer wanted to build two guests rooms and a lavish entertainment space with its own bar. 

Upstairs, he planned to create a 1,000sqft living pace and a master bedroom with its adjoining bathroom and dressing rooms, offering stunning views of the park. 

The house would also be topped with a 60ft double balcony and another bar. 

two guests bedrooms and a bar, lavish entertaining space

The house’s owner, James, did not seem to mind Guy’s callous personality, when he visited the house. 

Guy is not a man to be messed with and likes to vent his opinions very vocally while on his buildings sites 

On the show, viewers followed the property developer as he took them on a tour of his latest Nottingham project 

And when the wealthy businessman suggested he wanted a glass wall in the living space, Guy was quick to shut him down.  

‘This is why I don’t allow f****** customers coming to f****** houses,’ he said. 

Guy’s antics onsite failed to impress viewers, who did not like his use of foul language and his boisterous personality. 

‘Why is it the more money people make the more of a w***** they become?’ one asked.  

Meanwhile, another called the show: ‘an hour-long ego ridden rant by Guy Phoenix unintentionally proving that big is definitely not better. Clearly gives zero s**** about environmental and sustainable building.

Viewers were not sold on the show nor were they fans of Guy’s boisterous personality and his fruity language 

‘Really reading the room here Channel 4, with the monstrosity that;s Building Britain’s Superhomes on the biggest strike day in over 10 years. Devoid of taste, style and class. Everything that’s wrong with society today embodied in one foul-mouthed property developer. Great work,’ one said. 

‘What drugs this guy on?’ one asked of Guy, while another asked: ‘that Guy is quite annoying right?’

’10 Minutes in and UI can’t stand this f****** cretin Guy Phoenix on Building Britain’s Superhomes, what a total k***,’ one said. 

However, some found the developer likeable, with one saying: ”Probably in the minority but loving Guy Phoenix,’ one said.

Another said:  ‘Just finished watching Building Britain’s Superhomes, think Grand Designs but for geezers. Would recommend,’ one said. 

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