We all need to #CutBackOnPlasticPollution – here's how

We all need to #CutBackOnPlasticPollution – here’s how to start doing it from your own bathroom, TODAY

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From shower curtains and toothbrushes to shampoo bottles and liquid soap, our bathrooms are full of plastic.

Yet it’s so bad for the environment. Producing it contributes to global warming; throwing it away spreads toxins, harms wildlife and pollutes our seas.

Every year around 11 million tonnes of plastic is dumped in our oceans, breaking down into microplastics that enter our food chain.

Time to #cutbackonplasticpollution – and that includes the products we use in the bathroom

So not only do we have a responsibility to use less of it, but to dispose of it properly, too.

And it’s something that most of us are aware of with around 90pc of plastic packaging in the kitchen being recycled.


NIVEA knows that good skin care starts with good climate care because pollution damages skin.

So they’re determined to use innovative solutions to transform their products and make them more environmentally friendly.

Thanks to their Care Beyond Skin commitment, NIVEA is reducing, replacing and recycling plastic in their goods wherever possible.

The UK’s favourite skincare brand has a pledge that all their packaging will be refillable, reusable or recyclable by 2025.

NIVEA’S ‘Plastic Pledge’ will see them halve their use of fossil-based virgin plastic while increasing the amount of recycled material in their plastic packaging by 30pc.

More of their ingredients and formulations will also be recycled to extend their life and take pressure off the planet’s resources.

Not only will this help reduce NIVEA’s CO2 footprint, it means customers can buy their favourite skincare products knowing their impact on the environment has been reduced.

But it’s a whole different story in the bathroom. In the smallest room in the house, less than half of all waste products are sent to be reused and up choking landfill sites instead.

It needn’t be that way. There are plenty of small changes you can make to your beauty regime that will add up to a big difference for the environment.

Here are ten little tips to help you on your way:

1. Swap Your Shower Curtain: next time you’re replacing your plastic shower curtain (which can’t be recycled), swap it for a cotton, hemp or bamboo one that will breakdown naturally and easily once its life is over.

2. Use It All Up: with so many beauty product launches, it’s all-too-tempting to buy something new before using up the old. Try not to – the fewer things that are made, the less the toll on the earth’s resources.

3. Get A Second Bin: going through a bathroom bin for recycling can be pretty gunky. Who really wants to wade through used dental floss and wipes looking for loo roll tubes. So get a second one for recyclable stuff – if there’s no space, why not hang up a cloth bag instead?

4. Switch To Plastic-Free Products: buy cleansing bars in cardboard boxes rather than plastic packaging and look out for shampoo and conditioner bars to keep the environment clean.

5. Reusable Products: if you do buy something plastic, make sure it’s reusable so you can refill it and use it time and again. NIVEA’s Ecorefill Hand Soap can be topped up time and again with special tablets that dissolve in water to produce more soap.

6. Ditch The Wipes: face wipes take hundreds of years to decompose so use a cloth or flannel to clean your face and take off make up. Then simply pop it in with the washing and use again and again.

7. Say No To Single-Use Plastic: trade those plastic razors for a metal or electric one and your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one and you’ll make a big difference to your local landfill.

Cut back on single use plastics: If you do buy something in a plastic container, make it reusable

8. Make Your Own Cleaning Products: reuse those plastic detergent bottles once full by filling them up with homemade solutions using natural ingredients that are gentler on the environment. You’ll find plenty of ideas online.

9. Recycled Loo Roll: it’s the most disgusting thing on the planet, according to the old joke but loo roll made of recycled paper is now commonly available. Look out for the ones packaged in paper for full eco-approval.

10. Time (Of The Month) To Change: it might not be obvious but sanitary products such as tampons and pads contain a lot of plastic so switch to eco-friendly versions instead.

*For tips on simple and low-cost ways to reduce, reuse and recycle bathroom plastic, go to nivea.co.uk/sustainability


By using innovative technology to reduce the amount of plastic they use, NIVEA is helping customers be more environmentally-friendly too.

Their great new greener products include:


This isn’t just plastic free, vegan and made from 99pc natural origin products, this is also the first NIVEA product to have achieved the Ecocert® Cosmos Natural certification guaranteeing environmentally friendly production.

Not only that, it comes in three great varieties – choose the Radiance Cleansing Bar with rose extract and vitamin E for a natural glow, the Refreshing Face Cleansing Bar with almond oil and blueberry to help rejuvenate your skin or the Exfoliating Face Scrub with active charcoal for a deep cleanse.

NIVEA Fresh Blends Refreshing Shower Cream

Feel great about taking a shower with this gorgeously scented vegan cream that’s made from 90pc naturally derived ingredients and comes in a bottle produced with 97pc recycled plastic.

The raspberry, apricot and watermelon formulas are kind to skin and, because they’re biodegradable, they’re kind to the planet too.

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