We Made a New Year's Eve Face Filter Featuring Nuggets and Champagne, Obvi

2021 was a year of wild pop culture moments. Yes, of course there was Kravis…and Kim and Pete, but also remember how overnight you couldn’t stop cry-singing along to a song about getting your driver’s license and you were suddenly obsessed with High School Musical: The Musical: The Series drama? It’s been a weird year and I think I speak for the entire internet when I say that I am fully ready for a fresh freaking start.

But before we close (er, slam?) the door on 2021, we deserve to celebrate. Which is why we made you a lil New Year’s Eve party treat, whether you’re having an at-home shindig with a few friends or keeping it fully virtual this year. It’s an AR (yeah, that stands for ~artificial reality~) filter so you can toast with your crew no matter where you are.

Nugget Cheers™ has officially entered the chat.*

*Fine, the ™ is only for fun, not for real.

Here’s how it works. The filter is made for you to use on Instagram or Messenger. If you’re using Instagram, here’s what you do:

And if you’re using the Messenger app, follow these instructions:

No NYE celebration is complete without the weirdly perfect pairing of champagne and chicken nuggets, amirite? So pop some IRL bubbly and let’s get ready to count down to 2022!

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