Wedding guest slammed after claiming couples over 30 shouldn’t expect gifts

A woman who was given a wedding registry filled with expensive gift suggestions has called out certain newlyweds.

The female posted on Reddit where she revealed she was invited to the wedding of a friend she hasn't spoken to in 15 years.

She sparked a debate when she said couples who already have a home full of nice things shouldn't expect wedding gifts.

The anonymous woman also moaned that adults over the age of 30 should be ruled out from receiving presents too.

On the online forum, the title of the post read: "Why should established adults expect wedding presents in the first place?"

The woman was concerned because each item on the registry was over $400 (£293).

She wrote: "For well-off couples in their 30s/40s who have nice homes, why is there any expectation of a gift to begin with?

"People you presumably care about are taking time out of their lives to celebrate your union.

"Isn't their presence enough of a present, especially if they've travelled to attend? How does that make sense?"

Since she shared her anger on the Reddit forum, dozens of users rushed to comment underneath the post.

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One wrote: "I think if the registry isn't your thing that's totally cool.

"Maybe do the honeymoon fund or have people make a donation to a charity in your name. But giving is something people enjoy.

"It makes them like a part of something. Taking that away from some people may actually be a disservice.

"If they are looking forward to giving to you guys in some way and feel connected through that action."

However, others argued some couples do ask for extravagant gifts and guests shouldn't feel obliged to buy them presents.

One said: "I'm with you. My ex-husband and I said no gifts (married early & mid-30s, not well off, but did not need more house stuff)."

Another wrote: "I agree with ya! My cousin recently married his long time girlfriend.

"They live together in a nice house and have everything they need for their house. Their registry was full of expensive c***."

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