‘We’re twins and do everything together – our girlfriends even live with us’

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    Identical twin sisters who refused to spend more than 24 hours apart for 18 years feel they're the "exact same person" – and they're so close their girlfriends even live with them.

    Lyndsey and Louise Scott, 23, grew up sharing the same bedroom and wearing identical clothes as they have a very special bond.

    They spent pretty much every single day together until they reached the age of 18.

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    When Louise went to study English at the university of Liverpool in 2017, Lyndsey moved in to her sister’s accommodation so they could be together.

    But for the first time in 18 years the pair had to spend more than a day apart when Louise went to study abroad in Kingston, Canada, in 2018, for four months.

    Now the girls live and work together in Liverpool, Merseyside, and are happy building a life together.

    The sisters also share the same taste in food, fashion and love to match outfits.

    As well as this the pair are also gay.

    Louise, a lifestyle content creator, said: "We didn’t used to spend more than 24 hours apart.

    "If one of us had a sleepover the other one would come or we both wouldn’t go.

    "We shared a room for 18 years. We’re 99% the same.

    "We both love fashion, the same style, food and watch the same content. We love the idea of being twins."

    Lyndsey said the experience is both "fun and chaotic", and claims the pair have a bond like no other.

    She said being a twin is like "having another brain", and the pair claim they are so in tune they are even allergic to the same things – penicillin and parabens – and also had their tonsils removed on the same day.

    "We’re like the exact same person," Lyndsey added.

    "We would always get tonsillitis at the same time.

    "We went down for the operation to get them removed on the same day.

    "We’re allergic to the exact same things – when I was a baby I took penicillin and my head doubled in size so Louise has never been allowed to have it."

    The girls now share a flat together in Liverpool, Merseyside, with Lyndsey’s girlfriend Rosie, 25, an aspiring actor.

    Louise’s partner, Jenuelle, 21, who works in music management, is always around too.

    They said it's important they get on with each other's partners and Louise and Lyndsey, who studied videography at LMA University, Liverpool, combined their skills to start content creating together in 2020.

    They now live and work together so they truly do experience everything in life while right next to each other.

    The pair grew up wearing identical clothes and say they got "embarrassed" about it as teens, but now love to co-ordinate their outfits and even share make-up.

    Louise said: "We tend to match.

    "So we’ll wear the same top and different pants."

    Lyndsey added: "For 23 years of our lives we’ve always had the exact same hair cut and hair colour except for when Louise went rogue and got rose gold."

    The twins are so close they tell each other everything and even when they "bicker" they’ll be back to normal seconds later.

    You can follow the twins online @‌lyndseyandlouise.


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