What does the Winter Solstice mean for YOUR star sign?

What does the winter solstice mean for YOUR star sign? Astrologer reveals what the coming months have in store – from unexpected travel for Taurus to big love life developments for Cancer

  • Winter Solstice occurs when sun is farthest point away from tilt of the North Pole
  • Solstice marks the beginning of astronomical winter in the Northern Hemisphere
  • In Pagan tradition, the Winter Solstice is known as Yule and symbolises rebirth 
  • First day of Capricorn Season where the Sun is directly over Tropic of Capricorn

As the shortest, darkest day of the year arrives in the UK, an astrologer has revealed what’s in store for your star sign following the winter solstice today. 

Marking the beginning of astronomical winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the solstice occurs when the sun is the farthest point away from the tilt of the North Pole and holds significant spiritual significance. 

In pagan tradition, winter solstice is is an important time of festivity known as Yule which is a symbolic honouring of ‘rebirth’ and restoration since now the sun is ‘returning’ and the days get longer. 

The solstice marks a period of rest and relaxation to set intentions for the upcoming three months as well as the beginning of Capricorn season, when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Capricorn. 

According to British astrologer Bex Milford, Capricorn season invites us to consider how we define ‘success’ in our own lives and evaluate our ambitions in the upcoming months.

Here, FEMAIL reveals what the astrological season has in store for your star sign, from a time of adventure and travel for Taurus to romance and flirtation for Virgo. 

British astrologer Bex Milford has revealed what’s in store for your star sign following the Winter Solstice today. Stock image


(March 21 – April 19)  

Capricorn Season is going to mean big leaps forward in your career Aries, as your professional life is put into the spotlight. The sign of the sea-goat helps us to set goals with dedication and precision, and for you this is focused on achieving some of those ambitions you set earlier this year. 

Expect to see a chance to climb the ladder of success and embrace your leadership skills. Chances are that you’ll be asked to take an authoritative stance on a matter, so trust in your abilities. 

If an opportunity to advance in your career or take on an important project presents itself then trust in your abilities and go for it. 

However, watch out for Mercury going retrograde on the 14th January, since this could mean miscommunications with friends and a possible falling out in your social group if your wires get crossed. 

Tempted to gossip? The advice here is most certainly don’t – nothing good will result from it.

For Aries, Capricorn season will put your professional life into the spotlight and will provide a good opportunity to advance in your career. Stock image


(April 20 – May 20) 

Get ready to embrace the spirit of adventure Taurus, since the beginning of winter spikes a kind of wanderlust in your soul. You’re known for living the finer things in life, and now the temperatures are dropping it’s likely you’re craving warm climates and tropical shores. 

A chance for travel is likely, although it might not be the place you imagine. Keep an open mind regarding ways you can broaden your horizons.

Capricorn season is also the ideal time to expand your abilities with the help of higher education, so look out for chances to increase your knowledge via a course of study – it will serve you well when we enter a new year and you start working towards climbing that ladder of success.

When Mercury stations retrograde on the 14th January then be extra aware of the correspondence you’re having in the workplace, because you don’t want a pesky misdirected email to cause unpleasant ripples in your career.


(May 21 – June 20) 

Capricorn Season is likely to be a revelatory time for you when it comes to secrets and mysteries. As the days now slowly get longer, something you’ve been pondering becomes more clear and a puzzle you’ve been mulling over reveals itself. 

This is a prime time for transformation, and you may find yourself needing to have a ‘purging’ of sorts when it comes to unsupportive habits. 

As we usher in a new season, notice the addictions or habits you want to leave in 2021 and set intentions that allow you to thrive and evolve. 

If you’re planning any trips – especially long distance travel – then be extra aware of Mercury retrograde occurring on the 14th January. Triple check ticket dates and times, and give yourself plenty of time to get to airports and stations.


(June 21 – July 22)  

For Capricorns it’s the ideal time to make bold moves in your love life, whether you’re single or in a relationship. Stock image 

Capricorn Season puts your love life in the spotlight Cancer, so if you’ve been hoping to get more settled in your relationships then this is the ideal time to make bold moves.

If you’re in a relationship then it’s primed to head to a stronger point of intimacy and security, so don’t be afraid to voice what you need. If you’re single then this is the ideal time to meet someone, and dating during Capricorn Season is generally less frivolous for you and will result in deep connections. 

The Full Moon on the 17th January is in your sign, so this is the perfect time to shed yourself of those limiting beliefs that stop you from showing up as the person you’d like to ‘reveal’ to the world. 

This is a crucial time to think about the ‘old stories’ you want to shift from, continuing into 2022 with more confidence in your abilities.


(July 23 – August 22) 

Capricorn Season is likely to bring you opportunities in your job Leo, so spend this shift of season thinking about the role you desire in your professional life. 

You may get a chance of promotion, or a brand new job could present itself. Dream big, Leo, since Capricorn Season is the time to set those ambitions high.

This is also the perfect chance to switch up your wellness routine, and a change in your diet or exercise habits will make all the difference as we move into a new year.

When Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th January then be aware this can play havoc with your love life. Clear communication is essential during the few weeks that Mercury is retrograde, as your relationships will come under strain if not everyone is on the same page. 

Remember that emails and messages can be misconstrued, so pick up the phone or chat in person when you get the chance.


(August 23 – September 22) 

For Virgo the Winter Solstice marks the perfect time to connect with your artistic side. Stock image

Capricorn Season sees a shift in your attitude to creativity, and this is the perfect time to connect with your artistic side. Fan the sparks of your imagination and watch as opportunities to share your more daring, dramatic ideas reveal themselves.

Romance is also on the cards now that we shift into winter, so make the most of flirtation and fun without taking things too seriously. This is even more prevalent when Jupiter moves into Pisces on the 29th December, as this spells luck and expansion in your love life. 

When Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th January then be aware your daily routine tends to get shaken up, so triple check appointments and meeting times. 

There can also be crossed wires at work, so if you’re not sure about a task you’ve been given to complete then don’t be afraid to ask for clarification, otherwise you could find yourself wasting valuable time on work that isn’t required.


(September 23 – October 22) 

Don’t be surprised if you have a craving to retreat more than most this season Libra, as Capricorn Season brings out the homebody in you.

As the temperates dip, you’re happy to stay indoors and create a save haven. Embrace your nesting desires. This is a great time to think about your home, and as the seasons shift you’re likely to begin considering renovations, redesign or possibly even a move.

This is also a time you’ll spend more time than usual with your family, and the role of ‘mother’ comes to the fore, whether this is spending more time with your own mum or as a mother yourself. 

Jupiter moving into Pisces on the 29th December signals luck and opportunity in your job role, especially when you take a gamble and get a little creative with the way you apply yourself to your career. If you get the chance to take a risk then go for it.


(October 23 – November 21) 

Scorpios will be reconnecting with close family members during the coming months. Stock image

As a lot of people prepare to hibernate during the beginning of a new year, you’ll be doing just the opposite Scorpio.

Capricorn Season tends to bring a lot of to-ing and fro-ing for you, and you’ll be extra busy in your local community. You may find yourself called to show up or contribute to your neighbourhood in a proactive way, and this will spell further success in 2022. 

Siblings also come to the forefront, so reconnecting with close family is likely. If you’ve been working on a writing project or have been studying a subject then a flash of inspiration, or a moment of satisfaction, is on the horizon.

Jupiter moving into Pisces on the 29th will bring a buoyant boost of luck to your love life, and you feel more romantic than usual.

When Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th January then you may find communication with family members gets confused or tense, so try not to take sides or get involved in any altercations that don’t concern you.


(Nov 22 – December 21) 

If you’ve been stressing about your bank balance or worrying about money in the lead up to December then you can breathe a little easier Sagittarius, since Capricorn Season brings you a chance to reassess your finances. 

With a bit of savvy planning and honest appraisal then you can get your finances in order, and it’s a superb time to set a budget for the year ahead without feeling resentful or restricted. 

What’s more, opportunities to increase your income are on the horizon, so think about how you can utilise your unique skills in order to make more money. 

When Mercury stations retrograde on the 14th January then be aware it’s likely to play havoc with your to-do list and general plans. Even a seemingly watertight schedule can spring a leak, so triple check deadlines and appointments, and accept that sometimes we need to go with the flow when plans change.


(Dec 22 – January 19) 

For Capricorns, the next few months are the ideal time to have some kind of makeover. Stock image

Well, now it’s your time to shine Capricorn. This is your birthday season, and the period of the year when you’re in the spotlight. 

Endeavours you embark on now tend to be flavoured with luck and good fortune, and you have a bolder, more courageous attitude to life that helps you make leaps and bounds when it comes to achieving your ambitions. 

This is also the ideal time to have some kind of makeover, whether it’s scheduling in for that haircut, redesigning your living space, or investing in a new wardrobe. Any goals you’ve been working towards this year can be reassessed and refined with razor-sharp clarity. 

When the New Moon in Capricorn occurs on the 2nd January, then use is as a powerful opportunity to set intentions about what it is you want to achieve in 2022, defining what success means to you and you alone. 

When Jupiter moves into Pisces on the 29th December then look out for chances to take to the stage or share your thoughts with the world, either directly in your community or via the medium of social media.


(January 20 – February 18) 

Capricorn Season tends to be a more introspective time for you, Aquarius, and you may find that as we swing into winter you naturally retreat. 

Having this period of solitary escape is actually a really important part of your year, as it’s during this time that you can connect with intuitive messages that will help you decide what you want to focus on in 2022. 

Your dreams have special significance over the next few weeks, so keep a dream diary and notice if any psychic visions reveal themselves to you.

It’s also a crucial time for healing, and you may find a wound that has been causing you pain this year is once more opened. Don’t shy away from the process of healing, even if it seems like a struggle.

You’re setting yourself up for success when the Sun moves into your sign on the 20th January. 

When Jupiter moves into Pisces on the 29th December then it gives a boost to your self-confidence which may well result in some kind of increase in your income, so be aware of ways you can use your imagination to top up your finances.


(February 19 – March 20) 

While a lot of people are using winter to hibernate and hideaway, you’re feeling more social than most Pisces, with a desire to hang out with friends and share ideas. 

Use this as a chance to communicate and collaborate, especially if you’re given the opportunity to meet new people. 

Networking will present you with an abundance of opportunities that carry you into 2022 with exciting plans fizzing in your mind, so seek out a fresh group of minds that switches up your perspectives. 

It’s also a superb time to think about the ‘bigger picture’, and even though making plans doesn’t exactly come naturally to you, then make an attempt at plotting out how you envision 2022 unfolding for you, even it’s simply setting five goals you’re determined to succeed in. 

When Jupiter enters Pisces on the 29th December then it brings its buoyant good fortune to your sign, and you can expect a boost of luck. If you’ve been holding off taking a risk then now’s the time, so put yourself in the spotlight without overthinking the consequences.

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