What Feud? — Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez All Smiles Together at Academy Museum Gala

For years, some fans have been pitting these two women together over their respective relationships with Justin Bieber, but they're clearly not buying into that narrative.

Selena Gomez once dated Justin Bieber. They were together for awhile and then they broke up and went their separate ways. Then Justin got together and married Hailey Baldwin. Everybody moved on … except for those fans who didn’t.

For years now, these two women have been pitted against one another by a certain segment of fandom, with Hailey getting a lot of heat simply by being the woman Justin’s with who isn’t Selena.

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At the root of a lot of it is speculation that there was overlap between Justin and Selena’s relationship and when he started dating Hailey. In a recent appearance on Alex Cooper’s “Call her Daddy,” Hailey denied any overlap.

“I can say period point-blank, I was never with him when he was in a relationship with anybody,” Hailey said firmly. “That’s the end of it.”

“They were not in a relationship at that time, but of course there’s a very long history there and it’s not my relationship,” she said of Justin’s on-off romance with Selena.

Regardless, fans have overanalyzed Justin and Selena’s music and dropped nasty comments all over social media in an attempt to not rewrite history, but perhaps step back into it to the relationship they seem to want.

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Even Selena seemed fed up with it, taking to TikTok one day after Hailey’s Cooper “Daddy” interview to call out all the hate. “I think some of the things that I don’t even need to be aware of are just vile and disgusting, and it’s not fair, and no one, ever, should be spoken to in the manner that I’ve seen,” she told her fans.

Back in April, Hailey took to TikTok to ask fans to just leave her alone. “Leave me alone at this point,” an exasperated looking Hailey said into the camera. “I’m minding my business. I don’t do anything, I don’t say anything. Leave me alone, please.”

She went on to say, “Enough time has gone by where it’s valid to leave me alone. I beg of you. Truly. That’s my only request. Be miserable somewhere else, please.”

No matter how many different ways fans try to create this tension or animosity between Hailey and Selena there’s just never been any evidence that it existed.

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In that same podcast interview with Alex Cooper, Hailey said that she and Selena had spoken since she married Justin. “That’s why I’m like, it’s all respect. It’s all love,” she said.

“That’s also why I feel like if everybody on our side knows what happened and we’re good and we could walk away from it with clarity and respect, then, like, that’s fine.”

Now, there’s photo evidence to back up all that “love.” Both women attended Saturday night’s 2nd Annual Academy Museum Gala. Photographer Tyrell Hampton captured the moment when it happened and “plot twist,” as he put it, it couldn’t have been more delightful.

There was nothing but smiles and mutual respect between the women as they cozied up together for the snap. Will this finally be enough for fans to accept that there is no beef and everyone involved with this whole situation is good … except them.

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