What's New And Black On Netflix In January

It’s a new month and a new year which means new drops are coming to Netflix.

Having a grownup chill session? Catch Bruised star Halle Berry (who just signed a major production deal with the streaming service) in a horror movie that let her stretch those Oscar-winning chops.

Follow a trap legend as he transforms from a certified East Atlanta Santa into a major Florida drug lord in a surprisingly progressive candy coated crime flick. Examine your love of a Louis-touting, MacBook-tapping manhattanite by rewatching the first of a swanky city series. 

Follow an FBI agent toting her baby bump with her on the trail of some sketchy decimal swappers. Join a top secret mission to save the world from itself. Watch a researcher reassemble footage that could have the key to a serious conspiracy. Relive classic comedy moments before taking in some of the new specials recapping our society’s issues. Spend a bit more time thinking about those bundles you splurged on by checking out a documentary that travels across the globe to ask some tough questions, or escape in the shallow issues of a bunch of twenty-somethings turning one another on underneath the Texan sun. 

Looking for a night of family fun? Follow a group of fairies balancing scholarship and superpowers in a mystical saga. See a group of dinosaurs go rogue in the next installment of a beloved franchise, stroll down the riverside with a colorful cast of critters, chase a precious puppy as he sets off on adventures with his four-legged squad, or catch a touching gridiron tale inspired by a true story that lets you revisit familiar faces in new settings. 

See what’s new and Black on Netflix below so you can huddle up and enjoy a night in.

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