Woman flashes belly to defy troll who accused her of normalising obesity

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A body positive influencer has defied trolls by flashing her belly after she was accused of normalising obesity for sharing her natural body.

Elloise, who posts under the name @elloise_fit, often shares uplifting content and gym workout clips to her 30,000 Instagram followers.

Despite the adoration from her fans thanking her for flaunting a 'real’ body, not everyone is so kind with her blonde babe’s self-love snaps.

In a recent post, the beauty donned a blue leopard print sports bra and a pair of matching workout shorts which she lowered to below her hips.

Elloise’s tum was on full show as she grinned at the camera – and she certainly looked very happy.

But, not everyone was so appreciative and smiley about the influencer’s figure.

She attached a screenshot of a message that blasted Elloise for her body positive PICS and workout clips.

Part of the troll's message slammed: “Damn I didn’t think you were that delusional lol, you’re publicly posting this. You have hundreds of obese women who praise you for being obese too telling you, you look great.

“Does that make you feel better about yourself? Does that even make sense to you?

“You and I both know you don’t feel good about your body and your health which YES go hand in hand,” the mean commenter jibed.

Not letting that get to her, as well as flaunting her belly for all to see, Elloise wrote a lengthy caption to encourage women to love their bodies – no matter the shape or size.

“Do you feel good about your body?” the influencer asked her fans.

“This morning I received this rather ‘lovely’ comment on one of my workout reels. Whilst there is so much to unpack here, I want to focus on the ‘seeking validation’ component of this troubled message.

“Who else has experienced this?

“As a kid, the media surrounded me with the idea of the ‘perfect body’ & that, in order to be happy, I needed to look a certain way.

“As a teenager, social media depicted the perfect women living perfect lives, telling me that only beautiful & skinny women were successful.”

She continued: “As an adult who now holds the same power as those who influenced me above, I want to change that message. It’s okay to love your body, just the way it is! It’s okay to love your loose skin, cellulite, stretch marks & everything in between.

“Once you’re comfortable with the skin that you’re in, you’ll stop searching for validation from others on your appearance. Once you find that acceptance within, maybe you’ll encourage others to do the same.

"I post on here to encourage you all to live your life to the fullest without worrying about your shape or size. I hope that this man & the tens of others that send me similar messages per day) will learn to love himself & to stop projecting his insecurities onto others.

"If you take one thing from today, it’s to be kind to yourself. If you take a second thing from today, it’s that being kind to others is free."

Taken aback about the cruel remark, many people fled to the comments to support Elloise and her ‘inspirational’ content.

One person commented: “I hate how people feel it’s their need to comment on other peoples figures. They should be concentrating on themselves and maybe their personalities for being so mean. You are amazing, keep being you.”

Another user added: “Never stop sharing, you help to make me and I’m sure so many others know that we are all normal! Bodies are different, end of story!”

Whilst a third person voiced: “Jealousy clearly got to this person. I personally love following you for what you stand for and for your workouts/inspiration.”

Someone else praised: “Your posts are very inspirational.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person expressed: “I love seeing your body represented and you living life to the fullest!”

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