Woman gets ‘worst tattoo ever’ after artist misunderstands request

A woman was mortified when she found an obvious mistake in her new inking and realised it was a "the worst tattoo ever".

Izzy, from Idaho in US, was inspired to get a mobile phone tattoo after a visit to Blue Slide Park in Pittsburgh.

The Pennsylvanian city is named after rapper Mac Miller's debut album, which is what influenced the ink fan.

She went to a local tattoo studio and gave the instructions to the artist – but her request didn't go quite to plan.

Sharing on TikTok, she says: "I just got the worst tattoo.

"I got my cellphone for Mac Miller (missed calls) and told her I wanted it 2×3 in size and she tattooed the '2-3x'.

"How do I fix that? Someone help me, what do I do?"

Izzy said the size guide wasn't on the stencil and she thought it would be helpful for the tattoo artist to know the sizing beforehand.

"I didn't see it until my friend told me and she took a picture of my arm and showed it to me," she added.

"She [tattoo artist] said she was new and 'this isn't her style'.

"She also kept saying she was in a hurry to get to a date after my appointment so she rushed. This took about 30 minutes."

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Viewers were shocked and pointed out the line work was not up to standard.

"Is she getting fired at least? This feels like a crime," one wrote and a second penned: "This is so sad but it's an amazing tattoo for an even more amazing song."

One Mac Miller fan commented: "Mac Miller would have thought it was funny and he would just vibe with it."

Izzy replied in an update video that she got the "2-3X" covered up in ombre black and had the line work fixed at her go-to tattoo studio.

"It's not perfect but it looks a lot better and a lot cleaner. I'm happy with it," she added.

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