Woman says her boyfriend has to pay for everything as she’s ‘an investment’

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A woman revealed her boyfriend forks out for everything in their relationship – because she is an 'investment'.

Hannah Chan, 27, is happy for her partner Ed Reay, 22, to splash the cash on funding their lifestyle.

The lad pays for 100% of costs including rent, bills and even luxurious holidays.

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Despite what you may be thinking, Hannah has claimed that they both give their all into the relationship.

But, just in different ways.

Having been riddled with failed dates, she decided she needed someone who could provide for her needs while they would be 'dominate' in the relationship.

As a business owner herself, Hannah found her match in Ed in July 2021 after he made the first move in May the same year.

A few months later, Ed moved from Vancouver to London in September to be with Hannah where he gradually started taking charge of the finances as the relationship grew stronger.

Hannah explained: "I started to realise that in a relationship I didn’t want to be the dominant one and I wanted someone who could provide for me.

"Before I had always viewed my business success and money I earned as my value in dating, but I realised I didn’t want that.

"After meeting Ed, he told me he wanted to provide for me."

She continued: "There is no right and wrong in dating, the most important thing is that your values align between you and your partner for what you want in a relationship.

"It naturally came up that he wanted to be someone who could provide.

"So, it was perfect."

While Ed is responsible for the financial side of things, Hannah has her own responsibilities.

She often brings him smoothies and looks after the house.

"We have a 100/100 relationship – he provides financially, and I give him 100% when it comes to support and love and little things like bringing him a smoothie after a stressful day.

"I’ll sort the cleaner and do the cooking and food shopping. Ed doesn’t value money the most – he values being supported and cared for.

"He thinks of me as an investment as I’ve supported him, and it’s meant he now makes three times what he used to earn."

Seeing Hannah as an 'investment', Ed is more than happy to be the provider as it gives him 'responsibility'.

He said: "Being a provider gives me a sense of responsibility and gives life meaning.

"I love being able to spoil someone I love, but you don't need to have lots of money to do that.

"In our relationship I see it as the man's job to provide the house and the woman's to make the home."


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