Your Taurus Monthly Horoscope for December

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Hello my dear Venusian queen, and welcome to December! The stars have a lot in store for you this month, so listen up closely. As the month kicks off, we have a New Moon which is also a powerful total solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4. This is activating a final six-month cycle of change surrounding shared resources, marriage, money from others, mortgages, loans, and your hidden power, which kicked off during June 2020. The universe is putting the finishing touches on the evolution you’ve experienced since then, so expect continued major life change in this area of life.

Mid-month, the Full Moon in Gemini is on December 18, placing the energetic spotlight on your 2nd house of finances, self-worth and earned income. New and positive information surrounding how you make your money (honey) can be revealed over the final part of the month. Plus, a new project or important meeting can expand and elevate your career, due to the supportive connection between the Full Moon and Jupiter in Aquarius in your professional 10th house.

Next, on December 19, Venus—the ruler of material abundance, love, beauty, balance, and relationships—will turn retrograde in the stable earth sign of Capricorn. While Venus Retrograde occurs every 18 months, it only happens in the same sign every eight years. Think back to 2013 to give you more of an idea of what’s ahead for you, babe! While it won’t be entirely the same, there will be some repeat themes. Venus Retrograde will be centered in your 9th house of higher learning, long-distance travel, spirituality, and wisdom. Receiving resources to share your creativity on a broader scale, taking a certification course, or investing in your own knowledge can all be prominent themes for you. Some may also experience finding love abroad, or rekindling an old flame in a far-away location.

As the month concludes, Jupiter will make its move from Aquarius into its exaltation in the water sign of Pisces, expanding your future hopes and dreams through your network on December 28. We experienced a preview of this energy from May to July earlier this year, so definitely think back to this time, hun! Exaltation in astrology essentially means that a planet can express its energy easily. With Jupiter representing luck, this is bringing positive growth into this area of your life. New opportunities, especially through your network, can start to come about during this major transit. Expansion of friendships can also bring you prosperity in the new year, so it’s so important to put yourself out there, my lovely Taurus.

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