Le’Veon Bell blames Jets for everything as he languishes in free agency

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Le’Veon Bell is finished taking the high road on his disastrous time with the Jets.

In a series of Tweets responding to followers on Thursday, the free-agent running back said he will sign with a team this season and suggested the downturn in his career was the fault of former Jets coach Adam Gase’s play-calling.

Bell wrote, “I’ll sign somewhere when IM ready…ain’t no more finessing me with lies and s–t just to get me to sign with they team…no more rushed decisions on my end, period…”

Bell was on a Hall-of-Fame track through five seasons with the Steelers but sat out all of 2018 due to a contract dispute. He signed a four-year, $52.5 million contract with the Jets but was cut before finishing his second season and wound up as a backup for the Chiefs who did not touch the ball in Super Bowl 55.

“lol the only difference with the steelers was they gave me opportunity… haven’t had that since I left,” Bell wrote. “I probably need to play for a defensive minded head coach instead of these offensive minded guru’s …”

That seems to be a shot at Gase, whose relationship with Bell was never on solid ground. It is well known that Gase did not want to sign Bell as a free agent. And then his usage of Bell never matched the contract.

As Bell pointed out to one fan, he had more offensive touches with the 2017 Steelers than he did in 17 games over two seasons with the Jets.

“lol so I had elite talent alllllll the way up until 2017 …… and then just [fell] off a cliff huh? Okay,” Bell wrote.

The 29-year-old Bell’s sarcasm ignores that there is plenty of historical NFL evidence to suggest running back production does dramatically fall off a cliff around age 30.  

When one fan suggested he got what he wanted out of the Jets, Bell replied, “money wise, somewhat. other than that, hell no.”

Bell did not criticize the Jets when he was available to the media before the Super Bowl. No longer worried about creating a distraction for his teammates, he spoke his mind on the Jets not putting him in position to succeed with the play-calling.

“I don’t consider a ‘HB dive’ on 3rd & short [or] 4th & short EVERY TIME is an opportunity…we line up & they callin out the play, that’s not opportunity,” Bell wrote. “On top of the play being a dive…I can’t make sh*t shake with that.”

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