Man shot dead amid Napoli Serie A celebrations with over 200 injured

One person is shot dead and 200 are injured during wild celebrations as Napoli win first Serie A title for 33 years – after fans used belts as weapons to brawl on the pitch

  • Napoli drew 1-1 with Udinese to secure their first Serie A title since 1990
  • It brought thousands of people out onto the streets of Naples to celebrate
  • Vincenzo Costanzo, 26, was fatally injured during suspected hit job  

One person has been shot dead and at least 200 others were injured during a wild night of celebrations after Napoli won their first Serie A title in 33 years.

Vincenzo Costanzo, 26, was fatally injured after being hit by a bullet fired from a gun during the festivities, with three others hurt in the same incident.

Police said they were still investigating the exact circumstances of what happened to Costanzo – who was a known criminal – as the chaotic celebrations could have been used as a cover for a hit.

Scores of fans raced onto the pitch at the Friuli stadium in Udine after the final whistle blew and used their belts to beat each other in violent scenes. Men were seen cowering on the floor and covering their heads in an effort to avoid the blows.

Paramedics were called to the Ponticelli area of Naples, an hour after Napoli had won the title, drawing 1-1 against Udinese and securing the point they needed.

Police said Costanzo was found on the ground bleeding heavily, along with three others, one of which was his girlfriend, and all were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

A Udinese fan attacks a Napoli fan with his belt in chaotic scenes at the Friuli stadium in Udine on Thursday night

Fans clash on the pitch and beat each other with belts after the match as Napoli fans celebrate winning the match 

Napoli fans celebrate after winning the Serie A championship near the mural of Diego Armando Maradona on Thursday in Naples, Italy

There were chaotic scenes in Naples last night, with Napoli fans driving around the stadium in open-top cars 

 A Napoli fan is overcome with emotion after his team won their first Scudetto in 33 years

Doctors battled to save Costanzo but he was declared dead while the others were treated for minor injuries and expected to be released from hospital in a few days.

Later, medical authorities in Naples issued an updated report to say that an astonishing 203 people had been treated across the city following the title win.

Officials said 22 were in a serious condition having suffered burns, head injuries, and broken bones after being hit by fireworks or falling from scooters and cars.

Among those hurt were three police officers who were attacked as they tried to move crowds on, but they were not seriously injured.

Thousands flooded into the main square of Naples at Piazza Plebiscito waving flags and banners, with many climbing up lamp posts and up onto balconies in their exuberance.

Sixty thousand fans had packed into the sold-out Diego Maradona stadium to watch the game live on giant screens as it was beamed back from Udine 500 miles away.

They were whipped into a frenzy ahead of kick-off with a music and light show but the atmosphere went decidedly flat after just 13 minutes when Udinese took the lead through Sandi Lovric after just 13 minutes.

However top scorer Victor Osimhen’s leveller in the second-half secured the single point needed and kick off crazy scenes of joy across Naples as the side went an unassailable 16 points clear with five games left.

Over 200 needed medical treatment amid chaotic scenes with fireworks and flares set off

Celebrations erupted in Naples after the football team Napoli secured the Scudetto trophy

Luciano Spalletti’s men wrapped up the triumph with five games left to play in the league

Supporters savoured the incredible moment after it was confirmed they had won Serie A

Fans celebrated at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona after game was shown on a huge screen

Supporters packed into Napoli’s stadium to create a stunning atmosphere on Thursday night

Fans poured into the streets in Naples as the club’s long wait to win the Scudetto ended

Fans waved blue and white flags in Napoli colours as part of an all-night celebration

A fan covered in blue face paint and wearing a crown waves a flag amid the celebrations

Earlier in the week the British Consulate in Naples – a city popular with tourists from the UK – had posted a warning to visitors about the expected reaction to the title win.

It said: ‘Spontaneous celebrations are expected to take place throughout Naples from the end of April to early May following the Serie A football championship.

‘If you’re visiting Naples during this time, you should plan for transport delays due to busy streets and possible road closures.

‘Expect large crowds and the use of loud fireworks. Remain vigilant and take care of your personal possessions.’

Police Naples had outlawed the use of fireworks in an attempt to lessen casualties and traffic was also banned from the centre to try and stop gridlock.

Authorities had tried to ban the setting off of fireworks but the suggestion was ignored

Fans aboard a blue and white customised car cruise the streets amid the celebrations

Blue and white bunting had been up in the city’s streets for weeks as they closed on the title

But as England fans found out two months ago when they visited the city during an ‘alcohol ban’ the edict was more of a suggestion than a strictly enforced rule.

Nigerian striker Osimhen led celebrations in the dressing room at Udine and pictures on social media showed the players dancing wildly and singing loudly.

He said: ‘I’m happy for all Napoli fans worldwide. No one deserves the Scudetto more than Neapolitans – more than us. 

‘I don’t care who scored, I just wanted to get the Scudetto.

‘I want to enjoy this moment for the rest of my life. Then after the season my other dreams can come.’

It is the third Scudetto the club has won, the others coming when Diego Maradona played for the club in 1987 and 1990

Statues and monuments were thronged as the city celebrated a historic moment

Flares are lit as the party got into full swing following Thursday night’s draw in Udine 

There were also celebrations in London’s Soho where dozens of ex-pat Italians had gathered to watch the game in pizzerias and restaurants.

Local authorities in Naples were now planning for the partying to continue for several days and were on standby for the return of the team from Udine with people expected to line the streets from the airport.

Napoli previously won the title in 1987 and 1990 when Diego Maradona played for the southern Italian side and is worshipped as a god by devoted fans with several shrines dedicated to him across the city.

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