Meet Anna Lewandowska, the stunning black belt in Karate who helped the Poland legend prolong his career at the top – The Sun

ROBERT Lewandowski has his missus to thank for helping him remain as one of the world's most feared strikers.

The Bayern Munich forward, 33, leant on stunning Polish beauty Anna for advice about nutrition, as he looked at prolonging his career at the top.

And she came to his aid by encouraging him to incorporate beetroot juice and fresh fish into his diet – a recipe that's seen Lewandowski break Gerd Muller's longstanding record of most goals in a Bundesliga season last campaign.

While, he'll also be Poland's danger man as England come to the National Stadium in Warsaw looking to all but clinch a place at the World Cup.

But he couldn't have done it all without Anna, 33, who is a health and fitness whizz.

As well as being a PE graduate, she has also represented her country in karate championships around the world.

A fan of the UK, she even travelled  to London to promote healthy living by running a fitness seminar in a Hammersmith gym back in 2018.

It's her knowledge in wellness that has helped her man continue to raise the bar.

In charge of Lewandowski's meals, Anna prefers to utilise fresh herbs and spices while totally avoiding lactose foods.

She told Bild: "The most important thing is training and nutrition.

"We refrain from lactose and wheat flour. It's about quality food.

"Pancakes, brownies, vegetable spaghetti, porridge or millet. We also like to eat high-quality fish.

"Sometimes after training we drink beetroot juice with cinnamon or cayenne pepper.

"When we mix many foods at once, sometimes we aren't doing the right thing.

"We feel bloated, have to loosen our trousers. The mix is ​​too much for our body."

Anna also studied nutrition, recently releasing her own food brand called Foods by Ann.

Her company, which sells everything from smoothies to energy bars to supplements, has been thriving since she set it up in 2016.

Anna's greatest success, however, has come in the shape of martial arts.

The Lodz-born stunner, who first met Robert in 2007, is a member of the Pruszkow Karate Club.

She stepped away from competition after giving birth to daughter Klara in 2017, but she certainly left her stamp on the karate world.

Anna managed to win three medals in the senior World Championships and six European Championship medals in different age categories.

In her homeland, she's revered for winning 29 Polish Championship medals.

In 2010, Anna set up her own blog called Healthy Plan by Ann.

Not only does it give an incite into her life, the website offers workout tips and food recipes for the health-conscious.

She's written workout books, promotes her own exercise DVDs and is face of fitness in Eastern Europe.

To top off her list of achievements, Anna is also the President of the Special Olympics for Poland.

Maybe her greatest success story, though, lies in turning her hubby into the world's best striker.

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