BBC Weather: UK facing end of summer as ‘rash’ of heavy showers threaten weekend washout

BBC Weather: UK forecast mix of sunshine and showers

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BBC Weather host Sarah Keith-Lucas has predicted a mix of sunshine and showers across the UK as the heatwave gives way to stormier weather. The forecaster warned that the “rash” of heavy showers has raised the risk of localised thunderstorms. The meteorologist summed up the mixed weather conditions on BBC Breakfast as being “sunglasses on one minute, umbrellas up the next minute.”

Ms Keith-Lucas told BBC Breakfast: “Some pretty heavy showers developing, if you do catch the showers similar to what you had yesterday in fact in places.

“Some of some kind be really quite torrential and bring some flash flooding with them as well.

She added: “Most of the showers have been through parts of Scotland, we have also had one or two for south Wales and for the southwest of England.

“Many of the thunderstorms have cleared out to the North Sea for the moment.”

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“So a relatively quiet start to the day,” she continued

“Quite cloudy some mist and murky patches but through the day you can see the blue and green colours here.

“A rash of showers developing.

“Almost anywhere across the UK.”

UK weather: Met office predicts thundery showers and cloud

“There is a real day of hit and miss,” continued the metrologist.

“Perhaps sunglasses on one minute, umbrellas up the next minute.

“I think fewer showers for the likes of southwest England and Wales too.

“Whereas further east you are going to be seeing more showers compared to recent days


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“Temperatures 23 or 24 still reasonably warm in the east.

“But turning a little bit cooler from the north-west, typically 19 or 20 degrees,” she added.

“So heading onto the evening hours all those heavy showers tending to fade away for most of us.

“But we will see some fairly persistent rain remain across the north of Scotland into Saturday morning, that is going to linger.”

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