BBC Weather: Warm air to blast cold away over weekend as temperatures rise

BBC weather: UK set for 'milder' conditions over weekend

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Speaking to BBC Breakfast weather presenter Tomasz Schafernaker explained a band of high pressure coming from southern Europe will send the mercury rising on Saturday and keep the weekend mild. But he stressed patches of rain will smash western areas of the UK.

The presenter said: “The weather this weekend is not looking bad at all for most of us, it is going to be a mild day and in fact it is going to stay quite mild for a few days.

“There is a little bit of rain in the forecast, not too much though, most of it will arrive later tonight and into tomorrow.”

But he stressed how these rain patches will bring the mild weather from the southern climes.

While in positive news for Britons, Mr Schafernaker added how the warm and mild air will hang over Britain not just over the weekend but into next week as well.

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But while temperatures will remain in the mid-teens there will be a lot of cloud over Britain over the weekend meaning only patches of sunshine will occasionally break through. 

Saturday will see highs of 14C in London, 14C in Cardiff, 14C in Belfast, 14C in Glasgow and 13C in Hull.

Saturday will also see the arrival of a band of rain that will hit Ireland, Northern Ireland and western areas of Scotland later in the day and overnight.

The presenter added how over Saturday night and into Sunday morning that rain will push further into western areas of the UK and will bring with it high winds.

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But he added the spots of rain will “mostly fizzle out” as Sunday progresses.

Mr Schafernaker added how Sunday will be ”a bright enough day with one or two showers” as the mild weather is set to continue.

Sunday will see highs of 16C in London, 15C in Liverpool, 15C in Belfast, 15C in Aberdeen and 14C in Newcastle.

While Sunday night into Monday will see “mild westerly” winds blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean.

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He explained how these winds will keep temperatures in the mid-teens into next week.

The forecaster added Monday will see “a good breeze blowing away some showers” as the Atlantic winds keep out the wet weather.

Monday will see highs of 14C in London, 12C in Manchester and 11C in Belfast.

While Tuesday will see 14C in London, 14C in Belfast and 13C in Ediburgh. 

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