Bloke left with ‘gaping hole’ in arm after huge shark attacks ‘out of nowhere’

A diving instructor was left with a "gaping hole" in his arm after he was savaged by a monster bull shark in Florida, US.

Zack Winegardner was spearfishing off the coast of Marathon, Florida, when the six foot beast appeared "out of nowhere" and took a "chunk" out of his right arm.

The 26-year-old quickly ascended 75 feet to the surface after he realised he was bitten, and made his way back to shore before he was airlifted to hospital.

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Zack said aside from a gaping hole in his arm arm, he was also left with ripped tendons in his wrist and imprinted teeth marks down the inside of his lower arm.

He spent 10 days on the mend in Jackson South Medical Center in Miami, where he had an IV bacterial cleanse, around 90 staples and countless stitches in his arm, as well as a skin graft to patch up the 'big chunk' missing from it.

This was followed by four months of physiotherapy to help regain the use of his hand.

"I went spearfishing off Marathon and shot a fish. I was heading back to the boat and a bull shark came from behind me and just latched onto my arm," he said, explaining the terrifying moment he was bitten.

"The shark, about 6ft, most likely mistook me for food. It was probably going for my stringer and got my arm instead. It bit me, realised it didn't want me and then bolted.

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"It was like a sharp, quick pain and then pretty much everything went numb after that."

He said he alerted his friends while still in the water, and they jumped to action.

"I wasn't worried about dying but figured I was going to lose the arm. I'm very grateful that I still have it," he said.

Despite the ordeal, Zack is back in the water and teaching again.

However, he has been left with a huge medical bill as at the time of the accident as he was making a switchover from his parents' policy to his wife's.

His concerned gran set up a GoFundMe page to help him pay off the staggering $250,000 (£204,000) bill.

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