Fears ‘Croydon cat killer’ has returned after cat found horribly mutilated

Cat-owners are worried that the notorious “Croydon Cat Killer” could be back on the prowl after a cat in Caterham – just a few miles from Croydon – was found with his ears and the side of his scalp removed.

Ovie, who was not yet two years old, was found by its young owner with his ears and the side of his scalp removed on Tuesday (March 14).

In 2015, the Met Police also launched an investigation after members of the public reported a number of mutilated cats, often beheaded or with their tails removed, in the Croydon and surrounding area.

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In total, attacks on some 400 cats and other pets have been blamed on the “cat killer” since then – some of them as far north as Manchester.

Detective Sergeant Andy Collin said in 2017: "Cats are targeted because they are associated with the feminine. The killer can't deal with a woman or women who are troubling him".

Speaking to MyLondon, Ovie’s owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “I had woken up and about an hour after waking up I opened my curtains. I could tell it was Ovie and I could see he was wet and dirty. His fur is white and fluffy so I could tell something wasn’t right.

“I went downstairs and looked closer then woke my sister up. I didn’t want to look at the injuries but my sister did because she has experience with working with abused animals. She gave me this look, wrapped him in a towel and called my mum.

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“There wasn’t any blood, it was more than likely done with something sharp. They had removed his ears and the side of his scalp. At first I thought it was a fox because I thought surely a human wouldn’t hurt my cat but my sister said, ‘I really don’t think this is an animal attack, it’s too clean’.”

Boudicca Rising, of the South London Animal Investigation Network (Slain), has now called for cat owners to be vigilant and to report any incidents to help catch the notorious cat abuser,

Boudicca visited Ovie at the vets and confirmed that his injuries were “very similar” to the ones found on previously killed animals.

“We’ve examined the body closely, there are no signs of a road traffic accident or bite marks on the body, I fail to see how an animal could create injuries where they just take the ears,” she said.

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