Bloke opens front door to find terrifying giant alligator sprawled across porch

A man received the fright of his life and finding a massive alligator lying across his front doorstep.

The discovery of the beast led to around 10 other gators being found next door.

After leaving hospital the same morning, Pennsylvania resident Tony Gularsky was shocked to find the huge beast.

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It is understood that his neighbour keeps the animals as pets in his home, with one escaping onto the front doorstop of Tony’s home.

“It was definitely crazy. It would’ve been a rude awakening if I would’ve walked out and seen it,” Tony, who lives in Kiski town, told WTAE.

The reptile was reported to be huge, at roughly “five to six feet long” according to Tony in his shocked state.

However, it was a fellow resident that first made the discovery, with a keen eyed neighbour first spotting the beast.

Knowing that Tony had only just been dispatched from hospital, he decided to ring him to make sure he wouldn’t open his front door and get himself into danger.

“[They] called me and said, ‘Whatever you do, Tony, don’t come out on your porch — there’s a big gator,’” Tony told the Tribune-Review, relieved at the kind deed from his neighbour.

“It was stretched out in front of his doorway. He couldn’t get out [of his house] if he wanted to,” one of Gurlasky’s friends, Jason Pisarcik, 45, also told the Tribune-Review.

Tony, however, didn’t seen too bothered about the gator’s presence, claiming he knew it would happen eventually.

“It was just a matter of time before they [got] loose,” Gularsky said.

He was aware of his neighbours strange possession of the creatures, with around ten of the beasts living next to him for months now.

The scaly creatures were not totally surprising to Tony, but still a shocking scene.

“I ended up being the unfortunate one — it had to be on my porch," he added.

It is understood that his neighbour, named Dominic Hayward, 26, was arrested by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission last month for improper sale and transportation of certain animals.

He posted some of the animals online for sale as a “cool” outlet for owners.

The gators were removed by local authorities, saving Tony’s front step and Tribune-Review says Hayward is still in custody in Armstrong County Jail.

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