Bloke tries selling fully working fire engine on Facebook for just £3,800

A bloke is selling a fully working fire engine on Facebook Marketplace for just £3,800.

Ex-firefighter Kris Saxvy, 61, bought the fire engine five years ago to protect his home. The fire engine comes with ladders, fully working pumps, uniforms and even oxygen masks. Kris had to use it once when embers from a nearby fire threatened his thatched cottage.

Now, he says it's "surplus to requirements" and has put it up for sale. He's inviting "sensible" offers for the fire engine. Kris, from Preston near Wingham in Kent, said: "It's not your everyday vehicle and so a bit specialist for Facebook Marketplace but I thought I'd give it a go."

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He added: "It's been standing in a field for quite a while but we put a couple of new batteries in it recently and it fired up the first time – it is certainly a runner, but needs a bit of TLC."

Despite lots of interest, Kris hasn't received any offers yet. When he bought the fire engine, his family and friends weren't surprised. He said: "They thought it was a very typical thing for me to do – it was very out of the box."

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Before moving to Preston, Kris worked at Folkestone with Kent Fire and Rescue Service for 14 years.

He shared: "When the official firefighters arrived, they were surprised to see me already hosing it down."

Kris and his wife Janie now run a wedding venue that includes a vintage fairground for guests. "If the engine doesn't sell, we might just turn it into a bar for our venue," Kris mentioned.

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