British convoy in Ukraine under missile attack and saves 400 lives

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The determined effort of 300 Great Commission Society volunteers saw vital items reach war-torn cities.

Tony Anthony, the mission leader and the Christian charity’s boss, said the risk of being shot kept them from the besieged port city of Mariupol.

“Our evacuation efforts are some of the most ambitious being carried out right now and we simply need more help,” he said.

“There was heavy shelling and missiles going over our heads. It is truly terrible.”

“There has been a lot of shelling in the locations where we have been serving over the last few days.”

He added: “All 44 tons of humanitarian supplies have now been successfully delivered to locations including Kharkiv, Kyiv, Chernihiv, Mykolaiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhia and Pavlohrad.

“Every seat in every vehicle has been filled with civilians from hot spots that we originally planned. A group totalling 443 souls have been rescued.”

He said the situation he encountered on the ground was harrowing.

Tony, of Southend, Essex, said it was heartbreaking to see mums split from their kids.

He said: “Because there is limited space to evacuate people, mothers are having to see off their children in the hope, they will be safe and reunited one day.

“There is nowhere completely safe in Ukraine.”

The charity is looking to raise £120,000 to pay for further humanitarian aid to the country.

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