Brits brace for unsettled week before warm bank holiday weekend

Met Office shares week ahead weather

Brits are set for a warm weekend as temperatures are finally expected to rise in some parts of the UK. This week will see unsettled weather before the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, with temperatures reaching the low to mid-teens as the nights bring in overnight frost in some areas. Brits have been taking in the sunshine that is set to last until Wednesday, with cloudier conditions expected from mid-week onwards.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Paul Gundersen said: “The week will start off mostly fine, with temperatures reaching the low to mid-teens for most, while the nights will be cold with a chance of some overnight frost in places. The weather will be breezier and cloudier in parts of the northwest with some patchy light rain at times.”

Rain is expected to move east across the country on Wednesday as it turns patchier and more showery from Thursday onwards.

South and East England will experience the heaviest rain showers in the coming days.

But this is set to change for the bank holiday weekend, with the start of the break bringing drier weather.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist Helen Caughey said: “It will be drier by the start of the Easter break, with bright, clear spells and light winds in most places.

“Although there will be some chilly nights it will be pleasant by day with sunny spells and some light winds, though on paper temperatures will be around average for the time of year.

“While there is still some uncertainty in the detailed forecast for Easter Sunday and Monday the general trend is for fine weather in the south and east while it looks like it could turn more unsettled in the north and west. Fairly typical spring weather for us.”

Ms Caughey added: “The best thing you can do if you’ve got outdoor plans is make sure you’re always using the most up to date forecast.”


Easter Monday is likely to bring the warmest weather – with temperatures of 16C expected in some parts of the UK.

Parts of the south west around Exeter and Taunton could reach 15C.

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