Candace Owens mocks Biden's border crisis saying it'd be easier for family to visit by illegally crossing Mexico border

CANDACE Owens is again mocking the Biden administration – this time for the mounting crisis of illegal immigration at the southern border with Mexico.

The right-wing commentator tweeted on Sunday about the states’ “absurd Covid travel restrictions.”

“My family overseas is wondering if they’ll ever be able to come to the United States again.

“I told them that under this administration, the best route is to fly into Mexico and run over the border,” Owens joked. “Can’t wait to see them!”

The current surge of migrants trying to enter the US through the southern border with Mexico is the worst that it’s been in 20 years, the Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently said.

Mayorkas – selected by President Joe Biden to run the department, marking the first time a Latino has held the position before – called what’s happening a “difficult situation.”

Some 14,000 migrants are in federal custody, and more are expected to come to the US.

While the Biden administration has said it’s been working on plans for long-term immigration problems, it has not had an on-the-ground plan for the current migrant surge.

Career immigration officials had warned there could be a huge surge after Biden was elected president and the news that former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies were being reversed. 

Since Biden’s inauguration in January, the US has seen a dramatic spike in the number of people encountered by border officials.

Administration officials have repeatedly blamed the Trump administration for the current situation, saying Biden inherited a mess from Trump’s immigration system.

Biden recently said in a message to migrants “don’t come” to the United States right now.

“You have to try and get control of the mess that was inherited,” Biden said during an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

“They come because their circumstance is so bad,” he said of migrants seeking to come to the states. 

However, he said: “I can say quite clearly: don’t come over.”

Owens, meanwhile, has been raging against the Biden administration since the former VP took office. 

Most recently, she mocked Biden falling down the steps – a total of three times – as he tried to board Air Force One.

“It’s difficult to fall 3 times while going up a flight of steps. Managing to make your left shoulder blade hit the carpet in the process is rarely accomplished—even in a game of Twister," she tweeted.

“Biden has dementia but let’s wait for CNN to tell us this is just another adorable gaffe!”

Owens added: “Climate change, guys. Climate change is to blame for Biden’s fall. Now stop talking about it!”

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